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Windows Phone 8 Users Hit Some Snags 391

symbolset writes "As reported on The Verge, many people are experiencing freezing, rebooting and battery problems on their new Windows Phone 8 devices. This WP8Central thread shows many of the issues. Affected devices include Lumia 920 and HTC 8X." Every phone and every OS has its problems, and happy users probably aren't as vocal; it would be good to know how Windows Phone users who are also iOS and Android users compare them for reliability.
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Windows Phone 8 Users Hit Some Snags

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 19, 2012 @01:17AM (#42024313)

    So no vocal complaints from me. Love the phone, wish the app ecosystem were a bit better, especially having been on iOS for many years. I suppose I still have my iPad 3 for that!

  • thanks for asking (Score:4, Interesting)

    by slashmydots ( 2189826 ) on Monday November 19, 2012 @01:25AM (#42024341)
    My Samsung Character R640 running Symbian is working absolutely flawlessly and is getting battery life of approx 2 weeks. Thanks for asking about Symbian in that summary.
  • by Doctor_Jest ( 688315 ) on Monday November 19, 2012 @02:14AM (#42024525)

    It's good that you're getting better battery life (the "one reboot" is a bit of a stretch), and "several weeks" seems funny since AT&T just started selling them on Nov. 11th. But glad you like your purchase. If you just come here to shill for Ballmer... well that's another story, isn't it? :)

  • by adolf ( 21054 ) <flodadolf@gmail.com> on Monday November 19, 2012 @02:54AM (#42024659) Journal

    But if they wait until it's perfect, then they lose even more mindshare to two very competitive rivals: The domestic US smartphone market is running out of fresh non-preferential users, while the existing user base seems to have binary polarization between Android and iOS in ways that earlier competition between Symbian/Palm/Nokia/Blackberry never produced.

    It's a tough market to get into, just now, and the longer they wait the tougher it gets...

    So I think that in order to succeed, MSFT has to balance timeliness (as above) vs. hardware (wait too long, and your hardware turns stale), vs. software perfection.

    In other words, were MSFT to be perfect at any one of these at the detriment of the other, it would be a far stronger nail in the coffin than a balance of the three.

    And to be very clear: Their competitor's products (iOS and Android) are also far from perfect.

    The question then, as I see it, is this: Did they balance it correctly to capture enough marketshare to sustain further development?

    I personally hope not, given the extraordinary oppressiveness and money-grabbing nature of the walled garden that is Windows 8 on non-x86 platforms (the nature of which was apparently tried-and-tested with the Xbox 360), but I guess we'll see.

  • by erroneus ( 253617 ) on Monday November 19, 2012 @05:56AM (#42025311) Homepage

    The only time I have had "issues" with my android devices is when I had the Amazon App store loaded on my phone(s). I am pretty selective about the software I install on my phones/tablets as I know what role apps can play in the stability of the environment. All was great at the beginning but a few updates down the road and the next thing I knew problems were happening. Apps force-closing and reboots. I went about removing different things then putting them back when no difference occurred. Finally, I got to the innocent Amazon App store and things got notably better... and worse.

    Turns out, that when I removed the Amazon App store, none of my apps would work! At least not the apps which I had acquired through them. Then I was like "ah ha!" Amazon was doing something not just to my phone, but also to the apps on my phone. Factory reset and reinstall of my apps (not through Amazon) and things were better after that. My wife's got that phone now. Stable as stable can be... also, it runs a Team Whiskey ROM on it. (Did I mention I don't like to run stock carrier ROMs? It's not like you can trust them.)

    My current phone is better still but I'm waiting for the next round of Nexus 4 phones. Funny. So many people couldn't get their phone and at the same time, eBay is flooded with that phone priced around $600 or more. Oh how I'd love to visit those jerks. These are the same people go go around flipping houses. I recall in the early days of the housing bubble burst. I was in Texas where the housing economy was largely not affected and the news was starving for some local tragedy stories. They finally found one... this guy was almost in tears... he was a house flipper and could flip his houses and was stuck with them. Dumbass. I hope he burns in hell.

  • Re:thanks for asking (Score:4, Interesting)

    by alexgieg ( 948359 ) <alexgieg@gmail.com> on Monday November 19, 2012 @07:56AM (#42025695) Homepage

    People still use Symbian?!

    Well, I still use PalmOS.

    My general policy towards gadgets is to only replace them when they've completely broken or when the cost of repair isn't worth it anymore. After all, why replace something that's still doing well what it's supposed to? My guess most Symbian users have a similar attitude.

    So, only once my trusty PalmOS device gives up I'll look into whatever good is available and switch, not a moment earlier.

  • by mrclisdue ( 1321513 ) on Monday November 19, 2012 @08:07AM (#42025727)

    ...and, the one-star comment from your link:

    By stop hiring guns to artificially boost up your phone ratings at Amazon. Lumia 900 was a show case of robot reviews. When I am writing this, Lumia 920 has already received five reviews, all of them 5-star. All but one has written a review of another product other than Lumia 920.

    DBLA (1 review in total) http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A1S7GEDIIDVLKG/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp [amazon.com]
    jthom (2 reviews) http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A2A941MKMDREPG/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp [amazon.com]
    Sup Karma (1 review) http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A4SUJVO0D8DM9/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp [amazon.com]
    Ramiro Watson (4 reviews, ALL on different colors of Lumia 920 with different titles) http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A1GU6PSZG155ND/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdp [amazon.com]
    joseasilvestre (1 review) http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A3RR13YM1XGXNU/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdp [amazon.com]

    ...the nokia/ms adulation in those reviews makes the apple/droid camps here appear subdued.


  • by ultrasawblade ( 2105922 ) on Monday November 19, 2012 @08:30AM (#42025795)

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