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Jolla Founds Alliance Based On MeeGo Distribution "Sailfish" 33

jones_supa writes "The Finnish smartphone startup Jolla has revealed the next chapter in their roadmap. The company announced that it is setting up an alliance to license a MeeGo-based OS called Sailfish to other OEMs. The operations, backed by 200M€, will begin at spring 2013. CEO Jussi Hurmola believes that the next big revolution in smartphones will happen in China, and the OS will provide an alternative independent smartphone ecosystem there. Jolla strives for more openness than OHA, by letting the partners design their services directly without needing green light from the alliance. Sailfish is headquartered in Hong Kong and R&D centers will be established in other parts of mainland China, possibly Shanghai and Peking."
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Jolla Founds Alliance Based On MeeGo Distribution "Sailfish"

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  • by anared ( 2599669 ) on Wednesday October 03, 2012 @12:01PM (#41539191)
    Waiting anxiously for the phone, release it already, dammit. Only interesting thing in the smartphone market right now, excellent OS and framework developed by giants, now adopted by a small and enthusiastic company with a lot of knowledge straight from the top. This could really be the beginning of something big.
  • by KiloByte ( 825081 ) on Wednesday October 03, 2012 @12:23PM (#41539517)

    Folks at Jolla, please stop the talk about "revealing a next chapter", and release something already. N900 still keeps beating anything Android-based when it comes to the input dev (after some tweaking), but the CPU and memory pressure is crippling.

    There are three unmatched advantages: keyboard, stylus and hackability. The keyboard is obvious: an on-screen keyboard might be good enough for typing a SMS or labelling a contact, but not much more -- while N900's keyboard, after beating some sanity into the layout (PgUp, Esc, most symbols...) beats most small laptops. Stylus is something that sits in its holder 95% of the time while you use fingers or a fingernail, but once you wish to point accurately, doing that with a finger is simply impossible. And when it comes to software: in one corner, we have a full-blown UNIX system, while in the other a platform with a cut-down browser and fart apps, that might at most serve to ssh somewhere. Newsflash: in places where you can count on good networking, you already have a desktop computer. I can sit and develop on N900 without any extra machines.

    If I can have a micro-laptop, why would I want a dumb phone?

    Thus, Jolla guys: pretty please with a cherry on top, bring something up.

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