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Zeus Trojan Hits Blackberry Devices 37

wiredmikey writes "Despite its significant user base within enterprises, BlackBerry devices have managed to stay off the radar for malware writers. That may be ending, as four new Zeus-in-the-mobile (Zitmo) samples targeting BlackBerry users in Germany, Spain, and Italy have been found. Zitmo, which hit Android devices back in July 2011, refers to a version of the Zeus malware that specifically targets mobile devices. Denis Maslennikov, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, also identified a new Zitmo variant for Android using the same command and control (C&C) numbers as the BlackBerry versions. While previous Android variants have been primitive, the latest .apk dropper, which shows up as an app 'Zertifikat,' looks 'more similar to "classic" Zitmo,' he said. When executed, it displays a message in German that the installation was successful, along with an activation code. The Android sample also included a self-issued certificate that indicates it was developed less than a month ago."
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Zeus Trojan Hits Blackberry Devices

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  • Just stop. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by thePowerOfGrayskull ( 905905 ) <marc,paradise&gmail,com> on Wednesday August 08, 2012 @03:18PM (#40921371) Homepage Journal

    It's probably worth noting that these need to be manually downloaded and installed external to BB's app world - unlike the examples that have turned up for iOS in the appstore and in the market for android. If this was seen in the wild, that means users had to go out of their way to install it, and approve the permissions it requested.

    Most importantly: Under BES you can lock down the devices to completely prevent installation of external/unapproved apps.

  • by Krneki ( 1192201 ) on Wednesday August 08, 2012 @03:30PM (#40921543)
    Can't be arsed to check the article but I guess it would be through web browsing or installing the application.

    Anyway, we are safe, the web browser on BB suck so much no one is using and the app are so shitty not one is worth your time to installl it for free, let alone pay for it.

    Still, I didn't trade my free BB for a free android (comes with the job), since android devices would need a clean format before I'd dare to use it. oh, and wouldn't touch Apple with a pole, cuz I just hate corporate policy to lock the user.

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