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Nexus Prime, And Ice Cream Sandwich, Go For a Video Tour 246

An anonymous reader writes with this snippet from Examiner.com, citing a report at gagdet.ro, about Samsung's upcoming high-end Nexus Prime, the first phone to be delivered with Ice Cream Sandwich. "This version of the Nexus Series (Google's Android flag bearer) runs the next version of Android: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This version is meant to combine Honycomb (Android 3.0) with Gingerbread(Android 2.3) into one OS, that will run on all devices. In addition to the merger of the two OS's, it also changes the Android UI a bit. One major change, is that the icons and the UI is a lot more sophisticated and clean, making even iOS look old and clunky. Also, it removes the requirement for Android phones to have hard/soft-hard mixed buttons, in favor of allowing manufacturers to use whichever type of button they wish. Also, it adds a soft button on the lock screen, to go straight to the camera app."
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Nexus Prime, And Ice Cream Sandwich, Go For a Video Tour

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  • But 4.65" just seems too big. They should be able go get a 720p Super AMOLED screen around 4.3ish inches next year (Galaxy S III)
  • by Daetrin ( 576516 ) on Sunday October 09, 2011 @03:50PM (#37655892)
    The one thing i don't really like about my Nexus One is the semi-soft buttons, The back/menu/home/search buttons along the bottom are touch based but they _seem_ to be separate from the main touchscreen. However they are right next to the touchscreen and there is no divider. So often when trying to hit one of the bottom row of buttons i'll accidentally hit one of the four menu type buttons instead. This is especially problematic on the rare occasions when the touchscreen wigs out and detects my finger offset slightly from where it actually is. (I've seen this problem on more than one phone, so i'm not sure if it's a problem with the current version of Android or just a problem with multiple hardware sets.)

    So encouraging full software buttons seems like a mistake to me in that respect. But in addition i really wish there were more physical hardware buttons. When listening to music or audiobooks i really with there were a physical set of buttons i could use without having to turn the screen back out. Rewind, play, pause and fast-forward would be the most obvious and useful ones. The volume rocker already works perfectly well has a hardware button that performs its function while the screen is off and there's plenty of room along the right side of the phone for more buttons.
    • I agree about the capacitative buttons, and is one of the reasons I'm hanging on to my HTC Desire is it's real physical buttons. *However*, the one saving grace of the screen-buttons is that they have decent click feedback (background goes bright blue) and (assuming that they work the same as in Honeycomb) if you do hit one accidentally, you can roll off it to avoid triggering it.

      Not as good as real physical buttons, but I think it will be significantly better than the Nexus One-style invisible buttons.

    • The slightly off touch buttons are/were a manufacturing problem with the Nexus One. Or, if it were an iDevice, it would be known as a feature
    • by Locutus ( 9039 )
      Have you tried putting very thin slivers of tape above each button or even one long piece? You should be able to feel that edge and know when you're off the screen. It probably wouldn't have hurt if they etched the glass just a tiny bit so there was something to feel instead of one smooth piece of glass.

    • My Droid X has real buttons - the home button is broken from over use.

      Give me soft buttons any day :).

  • Knowing some people, I can expect a lot of crotch shots to be waiting for me when I come back :)

    And they're not going to be the kind I'd want to keep.

  • by Chemisor ( 97276 ) on Sunday October 09, 2011 @04:27PM (#37656090)

    Where's the sandwich? I watched the whole demo and I didn't see it. Or is it like the cake again?

  • "One major change, is that the icons and the UI is a lot more sophisticated and clean, making even iOS look old and clunky."

    As an all-time Android user and fan, I must say the new icons look awful. Especially the phone, camera and browser icons look as if they had been taken from windows 95. I'm sorry, but existing icons are much sleeker, and those icons aren't by a LONG SHOT as polished as in iOS.

    The menus do seem a bit more polished, just like in Honeycomb, but everything else I don't see why it has impro

    • There is even still that hideous "flash" when reaching the end of a scrollview. I have run cyanogenmod and changed the yellow to a more blueish flash and I can assure you, the color change doesn't improve things.

      With CM7, you can disable the overscroll glow, and use the bounce effect. Oh, and the bounce effect isn't included by Google (or Samsung any more (as of latest Galaxy S II builds) because it's patented.

    • I agree. I was really looking forward to the Nexus Prime and 4.0, but this is just embarrassing... it's so unpolished and amateurish. The color scheme, fonts, and icons on my stock Nexus S look 100x better.

      I'm still looking forward to some of the new sdk features though.

  • My current iPhone 3GS is too dated and on its last legs. I am a big fan of iOS, and was planning to immediate buy an iPhone 5 this year, from any carrier, since my old contact has long expired and I am only paying month-to-month. But since Apple decided after nearly a year and a half to slap their loyal fans in the face and refused to produce and release any significant hardware improvements, let me tell you, I am strongly considering this Samsung Nexus Prime as my next phone.

    To me, the physically bigger

    • Do not wait for HTC to release a phone with a better camera. Samsung makes, hands down, the best camera in the Android game right now. The Camera on my Nexus S was really good, but, a little lacking. The camera on my Galaxy S2 is nothing short of phenomenal. I would imagine the Nexus Prime to have the same sensor and maybe better optics.

      ...I just came from a long line of HTC phones before these last two Samsungs...and I will be getting the Nexus Prime when it comes out. The HTC's have "pretty good
    • If Android 4.0 really is good, switching would be fine. I've never had an iPhone but I have an iPod Touch. I also recently purchased an Android phone (it's brand new but only 2.2, unfortunately). The whole interface is unpolished and clunky compared to iOS. Android crashes on me on occasion, something I've never had happen with iOS. I really prefer iOS but Android is pretty good. Maybe 4.0 will finally catch us with iOS. Yes, I know there are a lot more things (geeky things) you can do with Android but I st
      • I recently switched from an iPhone 4 to a Nexus S 4G, and my experience is exactly the opposite. The reason I switched was because I recently started working for Google and I'm doing some work on Google Wallet, so I decided I'd better get more familiar with the platform. But I expected to find that Android was less polished than iOS, and I expected to miss my iPhone (which I gave to my wife).

        In fact, I think that Honeycomb (don't know about previous versions of Android) is much more polished and better

    • I think you summarized the Android v iOS question pretty well. I'm in a similar boat -- a long time iOS user that's wanted to move to Android, but it's just not there yet. Maybe Ice Cream Sandwich will be?

      I do have to take exception with one thing you said, though: "Apple...refused to produce and release any significant hardware improvements [in the 4S]". I hear refrains like this all over the place and just don't get it. The 4S has the same screen and case profile as the 4 but everything else is updated. T

  • What is the marketing department smoking?

    • by Ambvai ( 1106941 )

      1.5 Cupcake
      1.6 Donut
      2.1 Eclair
      2.2 Froyo [Frozen Yogurt]
      2.3.x Gingerbread
      3.x.x Honeycomb
      4.x.x Ice Cream Sandwich

      My guess is that somebody very, very hungry developed the naming system.

    • Dunno, but I know what they are eating.

  • by mbstone ( 457308 ) on Monday October 10, 2011 @02:15AM (#37659572)

    And my phone is more reliable, the battery life is longer, I never run out of memory, I can view my mail and news sites in the browser, and I can use Maps. Since I don't use Market, I don't have to enter a Google email address so that those evil Googlers can track my every move.

    And then there are the Android app developers. Invariably they want access to my contacts, they want to impersonate me, they want real-time access to my GPS location, even for apps as simple as Droid Flashlight.


    • by AC-x ( 735297 ) on Monday October 10, 2011 @08:27AM (#37660886)

      And then there are the Android app developers. Invariably they want access to my contacts, they want to impersonate me, they want real-time access to my GPS location, even for apps as simple as Droid Flashlight.

      iPhone apps do the same, and you don't even get a chance to check what permissions apps use to decide which flashlight app to install (the one that does access your contacts, or the one that doesn't, hmm, tough choice :)

I've got a bad feeling about this.