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Sprint Customers Face 5GB Hotspot Data Cap, As of Oct. 2 222

zacharye writes "Sprint on Thursday confirmed that it will soon introduce a data cap tied to its mobile hotspot add-on for smartphone users. Currently, Sprint subscribers with compatible smartphones can pay an extra $29.99 per month for unlimited Wi-Fi tethering, which allows other devices to connect via Wi-Fi in order to utilize a Sprint phone's 3G or 4G data connection. Beginning October 2nd, the mobile hotspot add-on will be capped at 5GB of data per month."
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Sprint Customers Face 5GB Hotspot Data Cap, As of Oct. 2

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  • by lexsird ( 1208192 ) on Friday September 23, 2011 @01:13AM (#37488152)

    This game they play with the data has grated on my last nerve. I will be dropping my data package this month all together, and use my phone as just that, a phone. It was great in theory, but the limitations, and greed of the companies have overshadowed it, hence I am out. Frankly, I have found I don't need it. Being unplugged is liberating. I was recalling back when nobody had cell phones, we still functioned just fine. I just need to find use for my smart phone, but I can ditch it as well if it's too big of a problem to unlock and slip a new carrier's chip in. A penny phone will do just fine. I will just dig out my old Ipod and all the toys I had for it. Not to mention I will save myself some much needed money.

    Nice brain there wireless data carriers. Now you don't get ANY of my money. Ha ha! Fools. If I am heading that direction, I know there are LOTS more, I run into people all the time who try data and ditch it in disgust. When a fanboy of it like me ditches it, the canary in the coal mine is toast. Good luck getting us back after this.

    Here's me saying F. U. with my wallet.

    My wallet: Fuck off, data carriers.
    Me: Hey, watch your mouth!
    My wallet: Sod off, I don't have a mouth.
    Me: How are you talking?
    My wallet: Out your ass, just like you.
    Me: That was uncalled for.
    My wallet: Yer mom is uncalled for, but she comes around anyway.
    Me: That's enough.
    My wallet: That's what she said.
    Me: Look, wallet, you need to shut up or...
    My wallet: Or what? You will put even less money in me? Why don't you give me to that homeless guy, I would have more cash in me. Lose some weight by the way, your fat ass has been crushing me for years now.
    Me: Shut up, I can always replace you.
    My wallet: Haha! With what money? With what wallet, that fag one your exwife got you for Christmas? Do you think she was trying to tell you something with that? Maybe hoping to inspire you to MAKE MORE MONEY, you fucking loser.
    Me: That was below the belt!
    Me and my wallet: Ha ha ha!
    My wallet: That was a good one, now shut the fuck up. We are cutting off these data carrier pricks. These cocksuckers charge us way too much. You can't even send pictures right with that phone because you, the phone, and the retards that work the company's help desk can't figure it out. So all of you need to fuck off and save ME money. You and your smart phone = one big retard.
    My smart phone: Huh, what?
    My wallet: Shut up and go back to sucking on that battery.
    Me: How about you both shut up.
    My smart phone: Feed me, my battery is low.
    My wallet: Sweet Jesus, you should have just had a baby, you would have to pamper it less.
    Me: Babies don't have Angry Birds.
    My wallet:...

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