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CyanogenMod Shows Off Android On the HP TouchPad 117

adeelarshad82 writes "While a $99 TouchPad running webOS is a pretty good deal on its own, most of us got it hoping developers would eventually figure out how to run Android on it. And though we were warned against wandering off to the darker side, it seems the developers behind CyanogenMod wanted the device to boldly go where no TouchPad has gone before. In a video demonstration, they show off a very early version of its software running Android 2.3.5 on a TouchPad."
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CyanogenMod Shows Off Android On the HP TouchPad

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 29, 2011 @06:45PM (#37247682)

    But the apps already available include chroot and an X server.

    You can run your choice of desktop environment and apps (including more and more touch friendly ones) from Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, or any other ARM distro alongside WebOS and its own apps -- without waiting for Android port to be finished, and without losing WebOS's real-computer style multitasking.

    Android certainly will add value -- another option is always a good thing -- but even without it, WebOS doesn't look very dismal to me. (And the difference between WebOS+Debian apps and OS/2 + Windows apps is subtle, but real -- since you're actually bringing in a real Debian system, instead of your own compatible ABI implementation, you can keep the Debian side up-to-date with zero WebOS-specific development effort -- even if you're the last person with a WebOS machine, and can't program your way out of a bag, you still get all the latest apps with an apt-get upgrade.)

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