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Wireless Networking Idle

Accused Teen Bomber Finds FBI Surveillance Team's Wireless Network 267

roccomaglio writes "The suspect who is accused of planning to bomb his high school in Tampa updated his Facebook status with the following: 'The weirdest thing happened today...when my homie Nic Peezy was trying to connect to a wireless network the connections list came up and one of them was called: FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN,' The FBI might want to revisit their wireless network naming conventions."
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Accused Teen Bomber Finds FBI Surveillance Team's Wireless Network

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  • BS (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Dan East ( 318230 ) on Wednesday August 17, 2011 @03:59PM (#37122574) Journal

    I don't believe that one bit. First off, we can assume that the FBI has more than one surveillance van, in which they can't all have the same SSID. They would include some sort of vehicle ID, etc. Second, this kid was living in some delusional word trying to make himself out to be a lot more than he was. I think he was hinting to his friends on FB and trying to sound like a badass of some sort. He was obviously running his mouth about his plans, which is how he was caught - someone turned him in. Perhaps that was his way of reaching out for help before he actually acted. Regardless, just because he posted it on FB doesn't mean that his friend really saw that wireless SSID.

  • Re:And... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by DurendalMac ( 736637 ) on Wednesday August 17, 2011 @04:04PM (#37122626)
    And that's probably what it was. I have a friend who named his wifi network something similar. It's not an uncommon joke, and honestly, do you really think the Feds would have a visible wifi network, much less one that is so conspicuously named? Give me a break. What a complete and utter non-story.
  • (Score:5, Insightful)

    by MaskedSlacker ( 911878 ) on Wednesday August 17, 2011 @04:07PM (#37122668)

    Oh wait, it's samzenpus. I get it. I done been trolled.

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