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JooJoo Maker Is Back With a New Tablet 73

itwbennett writes "I bet you forgot all about the JooJoo, the tablet that started life as CrunchPad and sparked a bitter fight between Michael Arrington and Fusion Garage. Well, Fusion hasn't forgotten and 'they are back in the news with a new line of products,' writes blogger Peter Smith. 'The Grid4 is a smartphone and the Grid10 is a tablet, both of them running the new GridOS, a custom OS built on the Android [kernel],' says Smith. Fusion calls GridOS 'stunning, smart, social and transportable,' whatever that may mean."
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JooJoo Maker Is Back With a New Tablet

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Well then, you're gonna go wild for Wild Wacky Action Bike!
    Wild Wacky Action Bike! The bike that's hard to ride!
    Wild Wacky Action Bike is almost impossible to steer. And look: it glows in the dark!

  • They still have no web site (Error 500). Is it a joke?
    • by Aeiri ( 713218 )
      Slashdot effect, perhaps?
    • Now it says "Blog coming soon", but the HTML has "Redevelopment in progress." & "Vendors to contact home office." in comments.

      Let's hope GridOS doesn't run on HTML or these guys won't get out of the starting gate.
    • Sounds a lot like MIUI OS. [] I installed it on my NOOK Color and I really like it. Unfortunately now all the *INSERT NON-ANDROID OS HERE* fanboys screaming fragmentation will in fact be correct.
      • I suppose a monolithic unified market marching lockstep into the future would be much better.

        Freedom is fragmentation. Arguing against fragmentation is arguing that somehow, darn it, those users are going to use their freedom for THE WRONG THING!

        Fragmentation is just how you make the sheep fear leaving the flock. Let the sheep bleat. It means nothing, and mutton is yummy.

    • These aren't products till they are out the door. This is just advertising for them. Customer OS--Not a good idea. Runs Android Apps. Good. Better screen resolution. Good. Fusion Garage? Not so sure. It took them forever to release the one product they had and then they dumped it and their customers. Big sting with a lot of pain. Now they want you to buy such expensive models? Cut them down to $299 (for wifi) to $399 (for 3g) and they might have a chance. Most Android tablets are way over pric

  • .. What ? You thought my subject didn't make my point?

  • by wiedzmin ( 1269816 ) on Tuesday August 16, 2011 @11:22AM (#37107498)
    What is this, a paid advertisement? How do I place my obscure product on Slashdot front page?
  • Way too much drama between Arrington and others. I definitely don't miss reading their stuff.
  • It's going to be the best ever since its on a kernal. Regular android only has a kernel
  • Looks like, smells like, sounds like.
    I bet it is.

  • ... but I'm not drinking the cool-aid. If they can't spell "kernel" properly, I doubt they are competent to build tablets including a custom build of it.
  • They suddenly uncovered the supersecret Google project for Android. All with a single word!

    • So they've ported Android to the Commodore 64? That deserves some serious respect - their 6502 assembly skills must be awesome!
  • The Android kernel is the Linux kernel, right? So they are actually running on the Linux kernel?
    • So they are actually running on the Linux kernel?

      Probably only for very generous definitions of "running".

    • by Nursie ( 632944 )

      Actually it's a fork - the linux kernel devs didn't like the way some of the Android stuff was done, nor the way Google just dropped it at their doorstep as a fait-accomplis instead of trying to work with them to find a mutually beneficial solution.

      So Google decided to maintain a fork, as is their right.

      • It's a fork that keeps being remerged periodically so I'm not sure it counts as the classical definition of a fork. By that definition, every Linux distro is a fork as they all download the vanilla kernel and modify it in various ways then wait 6 months-ish and do it all over again. Everytime I check a new version of Android, the kernel number has advanced a couple of notches so they are definitely doing essentially the same thing.
  • "It's a custom OS built on the Android kernal"

    Not to be confused, I suppose, with the widely used Android kernel.

  • Another "me too" tablet makes me yawn.
  • "I bet you forgot all about the JooJoo"

    yea no shit, maybe cause it was vaporware wrapped up with these two douches battling each other in court, why the fuck would I even make an effort to remember this garbage?

    Grid making portable computers, gee fuckwads couldn't come up with your own name? I know the JOO JOO took decades of market analysis to express exactly the features of this wonderful product but come on it couldn't have killed you that bad.

    • by sribe ( 304414 )

      ...why the fuck would I even make an effort to remember this garbage?

      I find that it took no effort at all. In fact, I find that it was really hard to forget that ridiculous soap opera. So, yeah, I bet there's a lot of people that remember the JooJoo. In fact, I bet there's 100x more people who remember that what FusionGarage is hoping for ;-)

      • by Osgeld ( 1900440 )

        I on the other hand notice that every other story is about some tech company in some lawsuit, I dont care to remember two random douches killing their own company considering the overload

    • I didn't forget about the JooJoo - I never heard of it in the first place. Now that I have, I'm pretty sure I wasn't missing anything important earlier.
    • Not that I'm a fan of the Joojoo, but it wasn't actually vaporware. They shipped product. It's just that Apple obliterated them a few months later with the iPad.

    • I bought a JooJoo. I believe I may have been the last person ever to do so, they announced that it was cancelled the day after they confirmed my order. I guess from a number I saw inside it that it's only number 293 ever produced.

      The fact is that it was very disappointing but it wasn't vaporware. I have it beside me here now. There were two problems with it, the price and the operating system. The OS was pretty much what they said it was so that's on me, but it really was a barebones browser. The hardware
  • Subject says it all. My first thought from seeing the picture of that thing is "Why the pointy corners?". They look like they'd be uncomfortable to rest on my leg or hold in my hand some times.
  • by sirwired ( 27582 ) on Tuesday August 16, 2011 @11:52AM (#37107890)

    The preliminary reviews of this product report it as extremely unpolished for something supposedly shipping in just a few weeks. Given their previous track record, I'm shocked these guys still have any money left to waste.

    • unpolished for something supposedly shipping in just a few weeks.

      Why not? It worked for RIM, right? Oh, wait...

    • Why read the reviews, just watch any of the videos on the website. Dummy content, unable to deal with album art or video previews, everything in the videos looks like a placeholder.

      The hi-res screen is the only thing this tablet seems to have going for it, and to get the res, you have to deal with a 16:9 device which most people who've held one say is awkward. There's no other object we hold on a daily basis that is near the 16:9 aspect ratio.The closest is legal sized paper, and look at how popular that is

  • I'm staying away from this thing.
  • For most people this doesn't matter simply because it is not an iPad. But consider, that all of these jokers coming out with new tablets are in such a rush they can't even be bothered to make their software presentable. To me that just wastes all of the effort put together to try to make the device. Whoever has that sort of mindset at the companies involved should not be in the position to say SHIP!
  • Forgetting about something would require I knew about it at some point in my life - so, no.

    But if you make that statement TOMORROW, I'll be able to respond affirmatively (although I'll probably have to be reminded what it is - "JooJoo" certainly isn't going to stick with me). Seriously, put me among the legions responding "why would I care?"

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