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Update Brings Android USB Mounting To Chromebooks 47

sfcrazy writes "Google has updated its stable channel for Chromebooks (Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5, and Cr-48). The latest version of Google chrome running on these devices is Chrome 13. The feature has added Google Cloud Print settings to Settings > Under the Hood. It now allows auto-connect using 3G, remove/forget added VPN connections and 802.1x support. The update brings the most needed feature — USB mounting of Android."
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Update Brings Android USB Mounting To Chromebooks

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  • Again, YES!

    I really like my Samsung Chromebook. Now, it's better!

  • Do they mean mounting your android device on your desktop system as a USB device? The syntax is rather vague...
    • by gl4ss ( 559668 )

      I gather that previously usb-mounting your android didn't work.
      it's bad press anyways.. now if they included adb with it?

      can you run android sdk on a chromebook? that's the real question and tells the failings of crap almost-OS's.

  • So can anyone explain to me WHY I would want to mount Android on my Chromebook via USB -- let alone why it's the "most needed feature"?

    • How else do you propose to quickly move your upskirt shots to on to a better medium for superior viewing?

    • Indeed, the ability to mount a fileshare on the LAN would seem to be more useful.
      Even if you are supposed to view/edit everything in Google Docs, etc. Are you
      supposed to have someone/something else upload them?

  • Does it mean mount a usb device on the Android or mounting Android to elsewhere? The later is how it reads.
  • Why would anyone want a Google Chromebook? I've seriously been trying to figure out what market they're going after.
    • Probably Google just planned and actually started to develop something without doing a market research, everybody knows that you just have to have a blowjob in the morning to get to the office and say "hey, lets do an operating system thats in the cloudz trololololol" and everyone is "yay let's do it! for the lulz" and then it's magically delivered inside a custom laptop thanks to pounds of unicorn dust stolen from Cupertino. /s

      In all seriousness: Let's say We have a translation team which need to access

    • by dirt ( 1129 )

      Because you don't want to patch Outlook on a distributed fleet of 700 salesmen's laptops?

      Chromebooks aren't about the hardware. It's entirely about the software and the support. Look how many people are already using Google Docs. Now imagine if you're a major clothing designer. You're not a tech company, why should you invest so heavily in tech? Use IT like a service, like power or water, to get your job done.

      • by Artifex ( 18308 )

        Use IT like a service, like power or water, to get your job done.

        The restaurant chain Jason's Deli gave them to their sales team [].

        /have a Cr-48
        //eat at Jason's Deli :)
        ///need to see if they have free wi-fi :)

      • Google provides support?

        Seriously, though, what happens when Google patches 700 salesmen's laptops at an inopportune time? According to the documentation,

        Customers on the Scheduled Release track gain access to new features on a regular, weekly release schedule following the initial release of those features. This delay allows time for administrators to familiarize themselves with new features using a test domain, educate support staff, and communicate any changes to their users. New features will be release

        • by Tacvek ( 948259 )

          On the other hand if it is changing on a weekly basis, them many times there will be no new features to familiarize yourself with, or there will be only one or two small features. One person could spend an hour or two testing in those cases. (If nobody can afford that, then the company should have hired another person for IT prior to rolling out the chrome-book, especially since the rollout process could easily monopolize the time of a member of IT for several weeks.

          Educating support staff on an invisible

      • by Rich0 ( 548339 )

        As others have pointed out, it is about the provisioning and maintenance. Chromebooks are essentially interchangeable. Suppose I log into one and do a ton of work, and then it gets stolen that afternoon. My data is secure since it is fully encrypted (with TPM support), and if I log into a new one in a few seconds all my bookmarks, extensions, applications, etc are up and running. And of course my files are all in the cloud. The only thing I'd lose is anything cached offline (a la html5), or the local f

    • It's the market which has one or more laptops only used for websurfing. You know, like most people who have a laptop today. I guess it's weird to serve "most people" when you could serve a niche. No, wait, that's not weird at all. You are.

      • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

        It's the market which has one or more laptops only used for websurfing. You know, like most people who have a laptop today. I guess it's weird to serve "most people" when you could serve a niche. No, wait, that's not weird at all. You are.

        So instead of buying a netbook for $300, I can have a locked-down netbook (ChromeOS is locked down walled garden, after all) for the same price.

        Geez. When Apple does it, it's bad. When Google does it, it's good? (Especially since, well, an Android device shows up as mass s

    • Last I checked, the featureset includes:
      • powers on and is online in < 10 secs
      • documents, prefs (read: same experience anywhere, multiple user machines), and apps stored in cloud
      • wifi and 3G
      • an app store (they call it chrome web store or something like that)
      • supposedly very secure

      Maybe someone who actually has one can fill in the blanks here.

    • There is a donkey in the last frame of that video, yet the pseudo scientist intellectual points to horse shit. I want to know why.

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