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Google Talk Enables Video Chat On Android Phones 83

MojoKid writes "Google recently launched Google Talk with video and voice chat for Android phones. With the service, users will be able to video or voice chat with their friends and family directly from an Android phone. Calls can be placed over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections. According to Google, the new features will first roll out to the Nexus S phones over the next few weeks as part of the Android 2.3.4 over-the-air update. Google Talk with video and voice chat will launch on other Android 2.3 and higher devices in the future as well. The video demo in the article shows it in action."
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Google Talk Enables Video Chat On Android Phones

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  • Re:Looks familiar (Score:4, Informative)

    by idealego ( 32141 ) on Sunday May 01, 2011 @02:15PM (#35991930)

    ... Too bad the front camera of it is not the greatest, but still, for a year and half device should not be so bad.

    The front-facing cameras on the Google Nexus S, iPhone 4, and N900 are all 640x480.

  • Re:Looks familiar (Score:5, Informative)

    by hitmark ( 640295 ) on Sunday May 01, 2011 @04:16PM (#35992594) Journal

    Another case of USA == world in tech news circles. Iirc, US carriers (that use GSM/UMTS) have never bothered implementing video calls. As such, the US tech market has barely been aware that it existed. Then comes Jobs on stage and does his typical superlative carpet bomb intro of facetime. And suddenly it is all the rage. This while one have been able to use video calls on feature phones in Europe for a decade, and if on a symbian phone (or winmob if one had one with a front facing camera), via skype, qik or similar services.

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