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Microsoft and Nokia Finally Sign Definitive Agreement 95

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft and Nokia yesterday announced the signing of a definitive agreement regarding their global mobile ecosystem partnership. We already know that Microsoft and Nokia will work together to reach out to developers, but the two have agreed to make Windows Phone developer registration free for all Nokia developers. There are also plans to open a new Nokia-branded global application store that leverages the Windows Phone Marketplace infrastructure so that developers can publish and distribute applications through a single developer portal to consumers that use Windows Phone, Symbian, and Series 40 devices. Lastly, Nokia will contribute its expertise in operator billing to ensure participants in the Windows Phone ecosystem can take advantage of Nokia's billing agreements with 112 operators in 36 markets."
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Microsoft and Nokia Finally Sign Definitive Agreement

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  • by spaceon ( 264645 ) on Friday April 22, 2011 @09:04AM (#35905656)

    Who are they going to be reaching out to? The Windows developers that were already ignoring WP7, or the developers that got shafted by Nokia when they changed course?

  • by Nova Express ( 100383 ) <> on Friday April 22, 2011 @09:06AM (#35905670) Homepage Journal

    I believe the new agreement optimally places the desk chairs for Nokia employees to have truly breathtaking views of the approaching iceberg.

    Or perhaps I should say iCeberg.

  • Re:Shame (Score:3, Insightful)

    by bdkraem ( 1141653 ) on Friday April 22, 2011 @09:23AM (#35905798)

    Now the n900 wasn't perfect, but if it had a capacitive screen, 3g on AT&T, and a 1ghz+ chip, it would have been.

    You've obviously never used 3G on AT&T.

  • by CharlyFoxtrot ( 1607527 ) on Friday April 22, 2011 @11:00AM (#35906646)

    Microsoft has a huge developer base, they are Nokia desperately needs and what MS is bringing to the table in this deal. MS can evidently count on these developers to give their platform a shot, historically not a bad gamble. The foundation has been laid, now comes the critical part: converting these available apps into actual sales and a viable business financially. So far the only platform where users consistently spend a lot of money is iOS with Android a distant second.

  • by Eponymous Coward ( 6097 ) on Friday April 22, 2011 @11:44AM (#35907046)

    I don't know if I agree with that. The tile metaphor is fairly unique and has been duplicated on Android. I think any innovation they come up with will be quickly cloned.

    I would put their problems in three categories.

    1. Their marketing sucks. They spent a fortune on a campaign to establish that WP7 is good for people who don't like using a smart phone.
    2. They have the appeal and sexiness of Cisco or Oracle. They're that middle aged slightly pudgy guy driving a sports car. There doesn't seem to be anybody at Microsoft with any sense of design. At least nobody of any apparent authority.
    3. Their best developers have moved on to Google, Apple, and Facebook and Microsoft isn't very attractive to the best of the new generation of developers and designers. They might attract some people with fat pay checks, but they aren't ever going to get the truly passionate people.

    Add to that their craptastic management and stifling bureaucracy and it's no wonder their stock has been dead in the water for a decade.

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