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Look Forward To Per-Service, Per-Page Fees 400

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from Wired: "[Two] companies, Allot Communications and Openet — suppliers to large wireless companies including AT&T and Verizon — showed off a new product in a web seminar Tuesday, which included a PowerPoint presentation (1.5-MB .pdf) that was sent to Wired by a trusted source. The idea? Make it possible for your wireless provider to monitor everything you do online and charge you extra for using Facebook, Skype or Netflix. For instance, in the seventh slide of the above PowerPoint, a Vodafone user would be charged two cents per MB for using Facebook, three euros a month to use Skype and $0.50 monthly for a speed-limited version of YouTube."
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Look Forward To Per-Service, Per-Page Fees

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  • Inevitable (Score:5, Funny)

    by stoolpigeon ( 454276 ) * <bittercode@gmail> on Saturday December 18, 2010 @12:25PM (#34600058) Homepage Journal

    I think we all understand that bits from some sites clog up more of the tubes than bits from other sites. I know netflix bits are much heavier than fluffy fark bits.

    We all new the free ride couldn't go on for ever, shoving our super dense bittorrent bits down the pipes to the detriment of all the innocent cnn.com users and their non-obstructive bits.

    Finally my telco can start making real money, like they deserve after all these years of selflessly giving away bandwidth.

  • by Zumbs ( 1241138 ) on Saturday December 18, 2010 @12:42PM (#34600182) Homepage
    No, no, you don't get it: Corporations are free to fuck you in the ass, but you are also free to disconnect from the internet and go live in a cave somewhere ... if someone will rent you a cave, and that someone will accept cash payment and snailmail correspondence. And you can get your employer or bank to accept cash payments as well.

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