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Hand-Off, Reconnect To Verizon LTE Can Take 2 Minutes 53

CWmike writes "Verizon Wireless admits that laptop users with USB modems on its new high-speed LTE network may experience up to a two minute delay when switching over from a 3G coverage zone. 'Hand-offs can take up to a couple minutes, but that was expected and a fix is in the works,' Verizon spokesman Jeffrey Nelson told Computerworld. Also, to get back on LTE once already having been in an LTE zone, one tester said it was necessary to unplug the modem and plug it back in again. Nelson said that was not necessary, although he did say it could take up to two minutes to reconnect to LTE. Nelson said Verizon was working with a modem maker on the hand-off problem, but didn't say which maker. Business Insider said the hand-off problem occurred with an LG model. 'We're working with the modem maker for quick update, but no ETA yet.' Nelson said. A Mac OS version was also said to be close."
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Hand-Off, Reconnect To Verizon LTE Can Take 2 Minutes

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  • by cervo ( 626632 ) on Monday December 13, 2010 @11:47PM (#34542712) Journal
    first off, this piss poor service that was just advertised. Two minutes to reconnect?? Sounds like it isn't ready for prime time...

    Next, look at the per use charges. I'd rather have a slower connection with much hire quotas (or no quota) than a super fast connection with a tiny quota. Good luck to anyone who wants to watch videos.

    As it is cell service is a huge rip off, and LTE is even more of a rip off than 3G. But what do you expect from providers who charge a fortune for delivering simple text messages and the rate hasn't gone down as their networks are upgraded...In fact ATT's rate went up (they used to be free to receive, but after the Cingular merger the double charging started....).
  • by suomynonAyletamitlU ( 1618513 ) on Tuesday December 14, 2010 @01:00AM (#34543068)

    Logically, by the engineers who built and tested them

    ...and who utterly failed to convince marketing and sales that it could even possibly be an issue, let alone an embarrassing, glaringly obvious one.

    "What are you talking about? The calendar says we ship today. Are you really trying to second-guess the calendar?"

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