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Microsoft Releases Final Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools 170

cgriffin21 writes "Microsoft on Thursday released the final Windows Phone 7 developer tools to manufacturing, giving coders a couple of weeks' lead time to get their apps ready for the launch of the Windows Phone Marketplace in early October. Microsoft released the Windows Phone 7 OS to manufacturing on Sept. 1, and its OEM partners are in the process of testing it on handsets. The Windows Phone 7 developer tools are the final piece of the puzzle for Microsoft, which is now ready to march back into a mobile market where it has fallen alarmingly behind the leaders." In related news, CNET reports that Windows Phone 7 will only be available for GSM networks at launch, with a CDMA version planned for the first half of next year. This rules out Sprint and Verizon for launch.
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Microsoft Releases Final Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools

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  • Re:Honest (Score:3, Funny)

    by Rogerborg ( 306625 ) on Friday September 17, 2010 @12:05PM (#33611866) Homepage

    If hardware companies live up on the hardware side

    Given the awful track record of WinME-family phones, I'd expect that the availability of Windows Phone 7 phones (doesn't that just trip off the tongue) will be largely dependent on Microsoft's willingness to "partner" with OEMs, in the same way that a scrawny fugly guy "partners" with an expensive hooker.

  • by multipartmixed ( 163409 ) on Friday September 17, 2010 @12:21PM (#33612028) Homepage

    > This rules out Sprint and Verizon for launch.

    In our backwards little country -- just north of y'all -- the big CDMA vendors have realized that CDMA sucks from pretty much every standpoint that matters. Bell and Telus have rolled out nation-wide HSPA networks.

    And I have yet to see a 16-year old girl saying things like "I would have bought an iPhone, except with time-division multiplexing, there is a finite cell capacity; if Apple had rolled out code-division we could simply increase tower load by reducing quality of service"

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 17, 2010 @01:45PM (#33613070)

    It's just so funny that you americans are forgetting symbian and meego, which are backed by still the biggest smartphone manufacturer nokia...

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