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Android 2.1 Finally Makes It To Droid 132

MrSmith0011000100110 writes "The lovely people over at AndroidCentral have broken the announcement that Android 2.1 is finally coming to the Motorola Droid, with actual proof on Verizon's Droid support page (PDF). I don't know about my Droid brethren, but I'm pretty excited to see the new series of Android ROMs for the Droid phone that are based on a stock Android 2.1. As most of us know, the existing 2.1 ROMs can be buggy as hell and either running vanilla 2.1 or a custom ROM; but this phone is still a tinkerer's best friend."
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Android 2.1 Finally Makes It To Droid

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 17, 2010 @03:08PM (#31513376)

    And no, I won't root it. Not because "I'm scared", but because I don't mess around with my primary device (I have a G1 and a ATT Tilt (HTC Tyan II) that are both rooted). If something goes wrong, I want the ability to drive directly to Verizon and get a new device without worry about "Crap, it's still rooted, let me get home and try to unroot it before taking it in"... Plus, I rely on it for daily use. So if for some reason it bricked, I'd be up the creak without a paddle...

    So in other words, you're scared :)

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