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Google Awarded Broad Patent For Location-Based Advertising 54

Mashable has a report of a patent that just issued (6-1/2 years after filing) — apparently Google now has a lock on location-based advertising. It's not clear that the search company intends to assert the patent against any other companies (such as emerging rival Apple), but it's useful as leverage. Here is the patent. Update: 03/02 14:34 GMT by S : Reader butlerm noted that the incorrect patent was linked. It now points to the correct URL.
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Google Awarded Broad Patent For Location-Based Advertising

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  • by ls671 ( 1122017 ) on Tuesday March 02, 2010 @01:09AM (#31326616) Homepage

    WTF, there is something I still don't get about this. Many low budget sites are already using geoIP to target you better. Have you ever been to a site where there is an add to a dating site showing gorgeous girls that always happen to live in your area ? ;-)

    I assume that with just a little bit more money, sites could cross-reference the geoIP data with a real advertiser databases and show real adds from merchants near you. Heck, I am sure a bunch of web advertising companies already use geoIP !

    Can anybody enlighten me on how Google was able to obtain a patent regarding this idea ? Also is this patent only valid in the US ?

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