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Google Reduces Its Nexus One Termination Fee 56

CWmike writes "The only smartphone Linus Torvalds doesn't hate is that much less unlikable now that Google has quietly chopped $200 off its early termination fee on the Nexus One. Customers who cancel the service had been on the hook for $550, including a $350 Google cancellation charge. Google has reduced their fee to $150 — but users are still liable for a $200 ETF from T-Mobile. Users have a 14-day grace period during which they do not have to pay either charge, although they may be hit with a restocking fee. The $350 total fee matches one of the highest in the industry, charged by Verizon. Google did not announce the change but simply altered its online terms-of-service document." The price cut could add momentum to a phone that, by one reckoning, costs only $49 unlocked.
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Google Reduces Its Nexus One Termination Fee

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  • by Xiph ( 723935 ) on Tuesday February 09, 2010 @04:01AM (#31069594)

    Parent is not a troll, Korbeau is merely stating the obvious.

    The $49 price is not the real price, but the difference between doing it one way, and doing it a different way, both with HORRIBLE subscription prices by european standards.

    Early termination fees are a JOKE, especially with a size like that.
    This whole story reeks of someone lacking their sense of judgement or deliberately ignoring it.

    Yes, teH Nexus One is a nice phone, but
    A: it's not that cheap
    B: it's not a jesus phone (neither was the iPhone)
    C: this is neither the first or second story about it these last few days.

    anyway. imo, parent is not a troll

  • Dont be... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Johnny Fusion ( 658094 ) <> on Tuesday February 09, 2010 @05:02AM (#31069800) Homepage Journal
    Evil? Well with these fees maybe just a little bit evil. But seriously this is google, how much more money do they need?
    Personally, I am waiting for the phone that is subsidized by non-obtrusive, relevant advertising.

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