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Motorola's Rumored Android Phone Focuses on Screen Size 134

nottheusualsuspect excerpts from this speculation-laden report at Brighthand that "Motorola is reportedly working on a device that will have one of the largest displays of any smartphone. Code-named the Shadow, it will sport a 4.3-inch WVGA+ touchscreen, Google's Android OS, and a range of other high-end features. When it comes to screen size, the Shadow will be equaled only by the Windows Mobile-based HTC HD2. The closest Android-powered model will be the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which will sport a 4.0-inch display. Most other models, like the Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One, have 3.7-inch screens. The display on this upcoming Motorola smartphone will allegedly have a resolution of 850 by 484 pixels."
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Motorola's Rumored Android Phone Focuses on Screen Size

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 31, 2009 @02:41PM (#30608896)

    Sounds really odd that it will be 850x484. I believe it will have 854x480 instead, which makes a lot more sense.

  • by UnknowingFool ( 672806 ) on Thursday December 31, 2009 @03:06PM (#30609190)

    Sounds like a formula for long term retardation of progress. Having to stick within rigid standards makes it hard to innovate the device itself.

    That sounds like a judgment from someone who has never had to develop on a device that doesn't have a rigid set of standards. Yes there may be less innovation, but there's also not the crapload of little issues that frustrate the hell out of a developer. Having developed on WinMobile, the fact that the every one of those devices might have a different screen size alone has stopped subsequent development. We may develop one version. It if doesn't fit the screen, it's a pain to make it fit, then there has to be a cost/benefit analysis. If there aren't enough customers to justify further development, we won't develop any further unless a customer pays for development. Then there's difference in capabilities from one device to another which is another large set of headaches.

  • by RedK ( 112790 ) on Thursday December 31, 2009 @03:44PM (#30609556)
    Because that is the Droid's screen resolution, which is becoming ubiquitous as a resolution for newer big screen phones and portables. So if you've never seen it before, it's because you weren't looking.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 31, 2009 @04:17PM (#30609880)

    But 854 sounds as odd to me as 850. It could be 800, making it 800x480, which is a more standard widescreen resolution. Why would 854x480 make a lot more sense? I've never seen that resolution before.

    854x480 is what you get when start with the vertical 480 pixels of VGA, multiply by 16/9, and round up. Hence WVGA. It's a standard Android 1.6+ resolution, and as said, several other phones have it.

  • by icegreentea ( 974342 ) on Thursday December 31, 2009 @06:06PM (#30610794)
    Its the widescreen (16:9) version of 800x480.

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