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TomTom Releases iPhone Navigation App 289

andylim writes "Today TomTom released its long-awaited iPhone app that allows you to use your iPhone 3G and 3GS as a GPS navigation device. tested it out on video this morning and concluded that it works well but if you receive a call while you're driving then the app does cut out — it will restart once you've finished the conversation. The app costs £60 for the UK & Ireland version, £80 for western Europe, £45 for Australia and £60 for the US and Canada."
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TomTom Releases iPhone Navigation App

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  • by ajdowntown ( 91738 ) on Monday August 17, 2009 @11:22AM (#29092387) Homepage
    Now you can have a robotic voice yell at you when you missed your turn! Like a nagging wife with you all the time in your car! Worth the money right there!
  • by For a Free Internet ( 1594621 ) on Monday August 17, 2009 @11:24AM (#29092425)

    In todays world we need to be vigilantly aware of the geopolitical implications of our computing. Wide-spread access to G.P.S. positioning system datas could allow terrorists or Italians to locate large crowds of innocent Americans or our Heroic Men Women and Children in Uniform more quickly, nefariously, and devastatingly. Why is no one talking about this? Everything has changed in the post-9/11 world!

  • Re:Prices (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 17, 2009 @11:42AM (#29092719)

    If the app isn't available in the USA store then where does the price converted to pound comes from?

    England. Duh.

  • by $RANDOMLUSER ( 804576 ) on Monday August 17, 2009 @11:43AM (#29092749)
    This being /. perhaps the units of currency should be quatloos or bars of gold-pressed latinum.
  • by BitZtream ( 692029 ) on Monday August 17, 2009 @12:24PM (#29093511)

    AT&T has the same service for the iPhone, and just like your blackberry you pay for it monthly for the privledge of being able to call someone to give you the directions.

    As someone who develops for blackberrys, winmobile and iphones, and having an iPod touch, 2 iPhones and several blackberry's including a couple of storms laying in my desk. The blackberry's appeal still blows my mind, you can dislike the iphone, for many man reasons that I understand, but Blackberrys have all pretty much sucked ass compared to their competition. Use a decent WinMobile device if you don't like the iPhone but for fucks sake wake up and realize your blackberry is a pile of crap with a UI designed by someone who must have never had to actually use the phone in the real world, or at best has never used another phone in their life.

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