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Useful Applications for Smartphone? 80

merlinbasenji asks: "I've recently purchased an Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone for Cingular, and I'm looking for suggestions for good applications like: calendars, browsers, games, email client, etc. Anyone have a favorite, or had a bad experience with specific applications?"
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Useful Applications for Smartphone?

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  • by PunkOfLinux ( 870955 ) <mewshi@mewshi.com> on Monday March 20, 2006 @09:47PM (#14961400) Homepage
    The phone program is EVIL!! Whenever you press the buttons on the phone, it makes this beeping noise. Then, when you hit the right button, it makes the noise again and it COSTS YOU MONEY...
  • by knewter ( 62953 ) <josh...rubyist@@@gmail...com> on Monday March 20, 2006 @10:03PM (#14961469) Homepage
    TCPMP is a great media player that can handle DivX. Then there's some Windows app that downsamples video files to fit the screen rather well. Pick up a 1Gig miniSD card online for $60 and the phone is extremely more useful. Then use Yahoo!Music to pull a gig of music onto the device at will - that part is rather convenient. I've got a single Family Guy episode on there right now, just because I don't really use it as well as it could be.

    And this is totally OT, but...

    I managed to snag a new one of these for $20 and a three hour conversation with Cingular, because they were trying to sell me a Star Wars sound-injector (lots of demand, I guess, for sounding like you're friends with Chewbacca) with the prefurb I was ordering (they would add it to my basket after I verified my order without any notification they were doing so, and that pissed me off). Anyway, I worked my way up the ladder to the resolutions department.

    Me: There is no chance I will use this device. Let me order the prefurb without sending me the $40 Chewbacca toy.

    Cingular/ATT: I can't sell you the prefurb without sending that item. But you can return it!

    Me: I'd like to do that, preemptively.

    CATT: Oh, you'll have to send it back to us once we ship it out.

    Me: ...

    CATT: Sir?

    Me: Seriously, you're going to cost yourself greater than $20 to sell me a $20 refurb phone, and waste man hours handling a return?

    CATT: It's how the bundle works, sir.

    Me: I'd feel morally reprehensible doing business with you if you're that stupid. I'll buy a Sprint phone.

    CATT: No, no no! Tell you what, I'll send you a NEW one for the same price, so you don't have to return the Star Wars thingie.

    Me: ...

    CATT: Sir?

    Me: Nevermind, I can do business with idiots. Thanks. Send it on.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 20, 2006 @10:45PM (#14961624)
    It's like you're sitting there, the question seems to be in plain English, but you can't think of an answer. You can hear the clock ticking away the precious seconds, and all you can think is 'remote control ... oh, no infra-red' and 'phone ... oh, no battery life'.

    There's 10 minutes left to go, and your sheet of paper is empty and you've organised your pens and pencils neatly on the desk. A bit of paper has a drawing of a smartphone, but it doesn't look very intelligent to you.

    Then, it hits you!


    A blunt weapon.

    Hurredly you write out an answer based upon using a brick shaped Windows Mobile device as a kudgel.

    And you pass.
  • by neo ( 4625 ) on Tuesday March 21, 2006 @12:13AM (#14961904)
    I'd say the ssh client on it kicks major butt. Had to configure sshd to accept the protocal but after that it was like using unix from 20 years ago... nice and slow... every keystroke a thing of beauty as the commands were only two or three characters each. I can even read my mail in PINE {sniff snif}.... now I'm all weepy... thanks...
  • by hunterx11 ( 778171 ) <hunterx11@gma i l . com> on Tuesday March 21, 2006 @01:04AM (#14962045) Homepage Journal
    Triple encryption! That's three times as much as single encryption. I bet Phil Zimmerman is going to feel stupid that he didn't come up with it.
  • by kbielefe ( 606566 ) * <karl...bielefeldt+slashdot@@@gmail...com> on Tuesday March 21, 2006 @01:21AM (#14962075)
    Here is my wish list for smart phone applications:
    • Fast forward button for when I am put on hold
    • Lie detector
    • interest simulator to intelligently insert "mm hmms" and so forth during long one-sided conversations
    • Fast forward button for those conversations
    • excuse generator, like baby crying, doorbell, etc.
    • button next to my car horn that will play pre-recorded "colorful epithet" into phone of driver in front of me before hanging it up

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