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Wednesday October 15, 2014 @04:48PM Drupal Fixes Highly Critical SQL Injection Flaw
Wednesday December 25, 2013 @09:27AM Why Don't Open Source Databases Use GPUs?
Monday April 08, 2013 @10:57AM The Rise of Everyday Hackers
Thursday March 14, 2013 @10:34PM Google BigQuery Is Now Even Bigger
Thursday March 14, 2013 @07:02PM Google BigQuery is now even bigger
Wednesday November 14, 2012 @07:12PM Hacker Grabs 150k Adobe User Accounts Via SQL Injection
Wednesday November 14, 2012 @06:42PM Hacker Grabs 150k Adobe User Accounts via SQL Injection
Wednesday September 26, 2012 @09:38AM Prime Minister to French Government: Favor FOSS Wherever Possible
Monday July 16, 2012 @11:15AM SQL Vs. NoSQL: Which Is Better?
Monday June 25, 2012 @01:28PM Ask Slashdot: Low Cost Way To Maximize SQL Server Uptime?
Saturday June 23, 2012 @01:01PM Low cost way to maximize SQL Server uptime?
Wednesday May 02, 2012 @12:53PM GNU Media Goblin 0.3.0 Released
Wednesday January 04, 2012 @12:07PM One Million Web Pages Attacked By Lilupophilupop
Thursday August 25, 2011 @01:15AM NewSQL: SQL meets NoSQL
Friday April 08, 2011 @06:59PM SQL and NoSQL are Two Sides of the Same Coin
Saturday November 27, 2010 @03:28PM How to get back into software development
Wednesday June 16, 2010 @02:26AM Kaminsky Offers Injection Antidote
Thursday December 10, 2009 @09:34AM SQL Injection Attack Claims 132,000+
Tuesday October 20, 2009 @06:54PM Sequoia Voting Systems Source Code Released
Thursday June 04, 2009 @11:14AM Google Labs Offers Table-Based Search Results
Thursday May 28, 2009 @04:23PM Hackers Breached US Army Servers
Wednesday August 27, 2008 @10:45AM MapReduce Goes Commercial, Integrated With SQL
Monday August 04, 2008 @09:08AM Diagramming Tool For SQL Select Statements
Tuesday April 29, 2008 @05:27AM Half a Million Microsoft-Powered Sites Hit With SQL Injection
Friday April 25, 2008 @04:00PM New Attack Exploits "Safe" Oracle Inputs
Tuesday April 15, 2008 @01:07PM Oklahoma Leaks 10,000 Social Security Numbers
Friday January 25, 2008 @09:44PM Charter Accidentally Wipes 14K Email Accounts
Thursday November 22, 2007 @03:41PM Head First SQL
Wednesday October 24, 2007 @03:45PM MySQL to Get Injection of Google Code
Monday May 21, 2007 @08:29AM Top 15 Free SQL Injection Scanners
Wednesday April 18, 2007 @11:37PM MySQL Stored Procedure Programming
Monday April 16, 2007 @08:08AM SQL-Ledger Relicensed, Community Gagged
Sunday February 25, 2007 @07:27PM FreeBSD SMP greatly outperforms Linux under MySQL
Wednesday January 10, 2007 @07:17AM SQL Hacks
Monday December 18, 2006 @10:17AM PostgreSQL vs. MySQL comparison
Saturday December 16, 2006 @05:06PM Vista Not Compatible With SQL Server
Wednesday December 06, 2006 @10:57AM PostgreSQL 8.2 Released
Tuesday November 28, 2006 @04:51AM Oracle Has More Flaws Than SQL Server
Wednesday November 22, 2006 @03:30PM Malicious Injection — It's Not Just For SQL Anymore
Friday November 10, 2006 @03:01AM Slashdot Posting Bug Infuriates Haggard Admins
Friday October 06, 2006 @03:50AM How Prevalent Are SQL Injection Vulnerabilities?
Thursday August 17, 2006 @10:37AM SQL Pocket Guide, Second Edition
Wednesday July 26, 2006 @03:47PM SQL Injection Attacks Increasing
Monday July 24, 2006 @04:31PM Learning SQL on SQL Server 2005
Friday June 16, 2006 @03:37AM The Art of SQL
Wednesday May 24, 2006 @09:02AM PostgreSQL 8.1.4 Released to Plug Injection Hole
Thursday May 11, 2006 @09:32AM SQL Cookbook
Wednesday April 05, 2006 @03:24PM Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express
Sunday April 02, 2006 @02:44AM SQL on Rails Launched

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.


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