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Saturday July 12, 2014 @12:47PM Garth Brooks to bypass iTunes , release new album on his own site directly
Saturday July 12, 2014 @12:28PM The Q Platform uses Linux/OpenWRT to Control LED Light Bulbs and Stream Audio
Friday July 11, 2014 @10:12PM Rocket Scientist Designs 'Flare' Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster
Friday July 11, 2014 @09:08PM White House responds to petition to allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consu
Friday July 11, 2014 @01:39PM Israel's Iron Dome rocket defense system is high-tech. So is the PR campaign
Thursday July 10, 2014 @08:53PM SpaceX Wins FAA Permission to Build a Spaceport in Texas
Thursday July 10, 2014 @05:46PM Common Fuel Cell Myths Debunked
Thursday July 10, 2014 @05:44PM Hints of Life's Start Found in a Giant Virus
Thursday July 10, 2014 @10:59AM Single European Copyright Title on the Horizon
Wednesday July 09, 2014 @09:22PM IBM to invest $3 Billion for Semiconductor Research
Wednesday July 09, 2014 @09:46AM Normal Humans Effectively Excluded from Developing Software
Tuesday July 08, 2014 @05:42PM Here comes the first release of Plasma 5
Tuesday July 08, 2014 @12:53PM DPAPI Vulnerability Allows Intruders To Decrypt Personal Data
Monday July 07, 2014 @04:31PM How An Intelligent Thimble Could Replace the Mouse In 3D Virtual Reality Worlds
Saturday July 05, 2014 @10:46AM Algorithm-Generated Articles Won't Kill the Journalism Star
Friday July 04, 2014 @09:58AM European Commission spokesman: Google Removing link was "not a good judgement"
Friday July 04, 2014 @09:55AM Google Reinstating Some 'Forgotten' Links
Thursday July 03, 2014 @09:09PM Android leaks location data via Wi-Fi
Thursday July 03, 2014 @12:31PM 3D Printed PiGRRL - Raspberry Pi Gameboy
Thursday July 03, 2014 @02:06AM Slashdot Poll suggestion on energy saving light bulbs
Tuesday July 01, 2014 @02:38PM Reproducing a Monet Painting with Aluminum Nanostructures
Monday June 30, 2014 @11:34PM Microsoft takes down domains
Monday June 30, 2014 @03:55PM Grandmother buys old building in Japan, finds 55 classic arcade cabinets
Monday June 30, 2014 @02:27PM FreeDOS is 20 years old
Monday June 30, 2014 @01:09PM Windows 9 to win over Windows 7 users, disables Start Screen for desktop
Sunday June 29, 2014 @08:56AM Google Adds Virtual Reality Street View Mode to Google Maps for Android
Saturday June 28, 2014 @06:17PM Microsoft Smartband Coming in October with 11 Sensors
Friday June 27, 2014 @05:40PM Saudi Government Targeting Dissidents with Mobile Malware
Friday June 27, 2014 @04:51PM NOAA implicated in global temperature data fabrication
Friday June 27, 2014 @03:46PM FBI Issued 19,000 National Security Letters in 2013
Friday June 27, 2014 @03:30PM Korean government switches to open source by 2020
Friday June 27, 2014 @03:10PM Designer Brews Beer, Prints Resume on Side of Custom 4-Pack, Scores Job
Friday June 27, 2014 @09:32AM Visualizing Algorithms
Thursday June 26, 2014 @08:30AM Neandertals ate their veggies, their feces reveal
Wednesday June 25, 2014 @01:27PM Toyota to Release Fuel Cell Car in Japan
Wednesday June 25, 2014 @01:01PM Supreme Court Unanimously rules that police need a warrant to search cell phones
Wednesday June 25, 2014 @11:59AM Supreme Court rules cell phones can't be searched without a warrant
Wednesday June 25, 2014 @11:58AM Cops Need Warrant to Search Cellphones, Court Rules
Wednesday June 25, 2014 @12:39AM Microsoft's Top Lawyer Assails Secret Surveillance Court
Tuesday June 24, 2014 @05:47PM Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution
Tuesday June 24, 2014 @02:15PM Microsoft Suffers Another Cloud Outage With Exchange Online
Tuesday June 24, 2014 @10:12AM Employees who stay more than 2 years paid 50% less
Tuesday June 24, 2014 @10:11AM A Laser Message from Space
Monday June 23, 2014 @06:54PM NOAA: Earth smashed a record for heat in May, 2014, effects to worsen
Monday June 23, 2014 @10:47AM Linux Mint 17 KDE released!
Monday June 23, 2014 @03:18AM DIY physics: A spark chamber on a steel tower, for no reason.
Sunday June 22, 2014 @11:15AM Computing a Cure for HIV
Saturday June 21, 2014 @05:13PM Google's Nest buys Home Monitoring Camera Company Dropcam
Friday June 20, 2014 @06:45PM The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics
Friday June 20, 2014 @02:16PM Whoops! Microsoft goof confirms Surface Mini
Friday June 20, 2014 @09:15AM Continuous system for converting waste plastics into Crude Oil
Friday June 20, 2014 @05:36AM Quantum or not, controversial computer runs no faster than a normal one
Thursday June 19, 2014 @06:54PM SpaceX Falcon 9R vertical take-off and landing test flight
Thursday June 19, 2014 @05:23PM New T-Mobile policy violates Net Neutrality Principle
Thursday June 19, 2014 @04:12PM Draper Labs develops low cost probe to orbit, land on Europa for NASA
Thursday June 19, 2014 @01:14PM Hacker Puts Hosting Provider Code Spaces Out of Business
Thursday June 19, 2014 @05:00AM Selfie of Stroke Symptoms Finally Gets Woman Correct Diagnosis
Thursday June 19, 2014 @04:22AM 3D Windowing System Developed Using Wayland, Oculus Rift
Thursday June 19, 2014 @03:14AM Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In Britain's Schools
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @10:51PM Intel To Offer Custom Xeons With Embedded FPGAs For The Data Center
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @03:19PM Two senators (one of whom is a Republican!) propose a 12-cent gas tax increase
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @02:45PM A High Performance First Year for Stampede
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @12:39PM Elon Musk expects the Spanish Inquisition
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @10:10AM hitchBOT Aims to be First Robot to Hitchhike Across Canada
Wednesday June 18, 2014 @10:01AM Comcast is turning your home into a public hotspot.
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @01:12PM Google's Going To Take On Apple's CarPlay
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @10:25AM Bitcoin Security Endangered by Powerful Bitmining Pool
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @10:25AM Ikea attacks IkeaHackers blog with C&D order
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @10:25AM Book review: Security without Obscurity
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @10:24AM Microsoft releases early IE12 preview as part of its new Developer Channel
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @03:05AM Unicode 7.0 released, supporting 23 new scripts
Tuesday June 17, 2014 @03:05AM Bill Gates To Stanford Grads: Don't (Only) Focus On Profit
Monday June 16, 2014 @04:11PM Starbucks offers workers 2 years of free college
Monday June 16, 2014 @12:13PM Interviews: Ask "The King of Kong" Billy Mitchell About Classic Video Games
Sunday June 15, 2014 @10:19PM Average HS Student Given Little Chance of AP CS Success
Friday June 13, 2014 @07:35AM EU Ministers backing GMO Food. Allowing Nation States Approve or Deny.
Thursday June 12, 2014 @06:34PM KDE runs fundraiser to fund Randa Meetings 2014
Thursday June 12, 2014 @03:18PM Game Characters controlled by Player's Emotions
Thursday June 12, 2014 @01:51PM Tesla releases electric car patents to the public
Thursday June 12, 2014 @11:45AM Why United States Patent Reform Has Stalled
Thursday June 12, 2014 @10:50AM AMD Looking To Outsource Chip Development
Wednesday June 11, 2014 @06:23PM The Government Can No Longer Track Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant
Wednesday June 11, 2014 @03:57PM Cybercriminals Ramp Up Activity Ahead of 2014 World Cup
Wednesday June 11, 2014 @12:44PM Uber Demonstrations Snarl Traffic From London to Berlin
Wednesday June 11, 2014 @11:07AM Official World Cup Ball 'The Brazuca' Is Almost Perfect, Scientists Say
Wednesday June 11, 2014 @07:35AM Raspberry Pi used to build a teeny-tiny MAME Cabinet
Tuesday June 10, 2014 @09:43PM Alienware swaps SteamOS for Windows
Tuesday June 10, 2014 @04:50PM Theater chain bans Google Glass
Tuesday June 10, 2014 @02:08PM Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Released
Tuesday June 10, 2014 @10:21AM 3D Printed Super Human Organs on Their Way?
Tuesday June 10, 2014 @09:09AM Supermarket chain Woolworths ditches Microsoft for Google's Chrome OS
Tuesday June 10, 2014 @09:05AM Recommendations for classic superhero comic collections?
Monday June 09, 2014 @06:21PM First Chicago robber caught via facial recognition gets 22 years
Sunday June 08, 2014 @03:08AM Mesa 10.2 Improves Linux's Open-Source Graphics Drivers
Sunday June 08, 2014 @01:11AM Report: Watch Dogs Game May Have Influence Highway Sign Hacking
Friday June 06, 2014 @08:02PM Astronomers Solve Puzzle Of Mysterious Streaks In Radio Images Of The Sky
Friday June 06, 2014 @03:58PM Robotics Engineers: "We don't want to replace humans. We want to enhance humans.
Friday June 06, 2014 @02:37PM IPMI Protocol Vulnerabilities Have Long Shelf Life
Friday June 06, 2014 @11:56AM Xanadu Is Finally Released — After 54 Years In The Making
Friday June 06, 2014 @11:38AM This Car Can Lean Into Curves, Literally
Friday June 06, 2014 @03:03AM YouTube Suspends Massive Archive of Information Security Conference Videos
Thursday June 05, 2014 @05:20PM CSIRO Sets World Record with Solar-Generated Supercritical Steam for Power Plant
Wednesday June 04, 2014 @09:26PM FPGA for Makers: The Dream of Drag and Drop Circuits
Wednesday June 04, 2014 @03:38PM Star Within a Star: Thorne-Zytkow Object Discovered
Wednesday June 04, 2014 @01:43PM Terrafugia Seeks Funding to Launch its Flying Car in 2016
Wednesday June 04, 2014 @08:30AM How To Play PC Games On Your iPad - A Step-By-Step Guide
Tuesday June 03, 2014 @07:57PM Facebook acquires data plan startup Pryte
Tuesday June 03, 2014 @07:35PM Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" released
Tuesday June 03, 2014 @05:00PM Anatomy Of The 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC
Tuesday June 03, 2014 @04:40PM Game of Thrones: The dragons and nuclear weapons nexus
Tuesday June 03, 2014 @04:26PM EU launches world's largest civilian robotics program; 240,000 new jobs expected
Tuesday June 03, 2014 @03:35AM The Latest Wave of Cyberattacks on the West Is Coming from the Middle East
Monday June 02, 2014 @02:33PM TrueCrypt Cryptanalysis to Include Crowdsourcing
Monday June 02, 2014 @05:20AM Samsung Announces its First Ever Tizen Smartphone
Monday June 02, 2014 @02:22AM D-Wave Quantum Computers Able to Demonstrate Entanglement
Saturday May 31, 2014 @05:24AM Popular shuttered torrent site Demonoid returns
Friday May 30, 2014 @09:42PM Apple Announces 2014 WWDC Keynote will be Streamed Live
Friday May 30, 2014 @11:00AM convinced that depictions of Pi are protected intellectual property.
Thursday May 29, 2014 @06:28PM The Most Feasible Way to Colonize Space May Be to Print Humans on Other Planets
Thursday May 29, 2014 @03:27PM Curved TVs Nothing But A Gimmick
Thursday May 29, 2014 @11:15AM DISH Becomes World's Largest Company to Accept Bitcoin
Wednesday May 28, 2014 @05:11PM Apple Buys Beats for $3bn
Wednesday May 28, 2014 @03:39PM TrueCrypt is dead? What now?
Wednesday May 28, 2014 @02:48PM Hunt Intensifies for Aliens on Kepler's Planets
Wednesday May 28, 2014 @01:57PM Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds
Wednesday May 28, 2014 @01:50AM PHP Next Generation
Tuesday May 27, 2014 @10:20PM The Earliest Bird to Sip a Flower
Tuesday May 27, 2014 @12:52PM Hacker 'Sabu' gets lenient sentence after helping US
Sunday May 25, 2014 @10:33AM US.Gov seeks 7 month sentence for LulzSec Sabu
Saturday May 24, 2014 @01:55PM Gigabyte Brix Projector Combines Mini PC With DLP Projector In A 4.5-Inch Cube
Friday May 23, 2014 @05:58PM German court rules that you can't keep your homemade porn after you break up
Friday May 23, 2014 @02:10PM This Semiconductor Could Improve Vehicle Fuel Economy By 10 Percent
Friday May 23, 2014 @08:43AM Four Weeks Without Soap or Shampoo
Thursday May 22, 2014 @03:23PM Patent Troll Reform Dies in the Senate
Thursday May 22, 2014 @12:36PM Why the Descent Games Should Return
Thursday May 22, 2014 @12:31PM Google Fiber: No Charge For Peering, No Fast Lanes
Wednesday May 21, 2014 @11:34PM Valve Takes In-home Game Streaming Out of Beta, Supports Windows, OS X & Lin
Wednesday May 21, 2014 @06:05PM EIA Trillion Dollar Monterey Shale Estimate Cut By 96%, US Shale Oil Cut By 2/3
Wednesday May 21, 2014 @04:50PM Blizzard sues Starcraft II cheat authors in US Court
Wednesday May 21, 2014 @04:50PM New IE 8 Zero Day Discovered
Wednesday May 21, 2014 @04:48PM IT Pro Gets Prison Time for Sabotaging Ex-employer's System
Wednesday May 21, 2014 @09:35AM These Brakes Are How You Stop The 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC
Tuesday May 20, 2014 @08:56PM Wayland 1.5 Released
Tuesday May 20, 2014 @12:36PM Verizon would let the US internet come in second to Bulgaria
Monday May 19, 2014 @01:12PM Curiosity Rover may have brought dozens of microbes to Mars
Monday May 19, 2014 @01:11PM Water Cannons Used Against Peaceful Anti-TTIP Protestors: The Next ACTA Revolt?
Monday May 19, 2014 @11:24AM Baltimore's Solar-Powered Water Wheel Devours 50,000 Pounds of Harbor Trash
Monday May 19, 2014 @10:38AM Esa's Cryosat mission sees Antarctic ice losses double
Monday May 19, 2014 @08:02AM Rubik's cube: 40 years old and never meant to be a toy
Sunday May 18, 2014 @06:01AM 1 TB memory chip about to become reality
Sunday May 18, 2014 @02:30AM Apple remains mum about faulty MacBook Pros..petition reaching 4000 signatures
Sunday May 18, 2014 @02:21AM Slashdot's favourite party games?
Saturday May 17, 2014 @05:38AM Meet Canada's Goosebuster - The Drone That's Saving Ottawa From Poisonous Poop
Saturday May 17, 2014 @05:23AM US Navy wants smart robots with morals, ethics
Friday May 16, 2014 @01:55PM Malvertising up by over 200%
Friday May 16, 2014 @01:23PM AMD Preparing To Give Intel A Run For Its Money
Friday May 16, 2014 @11:25AM The Electric Tractor - Is this the Zero Emission Vehicle Killer App?
Friday May 16, 2014 @02:45AM Static Electricity Defies Simple Explanation
Thursday May 15, 2014 @06:49PM OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD Hits 1.8GB/sec With Standard Toshiba MLC NAND
Thursday May 15, 2014 @06:31PM NSA Tampers With US Made Routers Before Export
Thursday May 15, 2014 @12:59PM Unlock Your Android Phone with Open Source Wearable NFC
Thursday May 15, 2014 @09:12AM Autodesk Unveils 3d Printer As It Aims To Become Industry's Android
Wednesday May 14, 2014 @08:58PM George R R Martin Reveals His Secret Weapon for Writing GOT- Wordstar
Wednesday May 14, 2014 @04:28PM The Next Big Startup Hub Is: Sacramento?
Wednesday May 14, 2014 @03:48PM Humans causing California's mountains to grow
Wednesday May 14, 2014 @03:14PM Federal car fleet to become test bed for high-tech safety gear
Wednesday May 14, 2014 @01:51PM Waterloo WeBike Project
Wednesday May 14, 2014 @06:51AM Supermassive Black Hole At The Centre Of Galaxy May Be Wormhole In Disguise
Tuesday May 13, 2014 @07:14PM OpenRISC is now upstreamed, multicore and atomic!
Tuesday May 13, 2014 @06:14PM Ira Winkler puts the Syrian Electronic Army over his knee
Tuesday May 13, 2014 @05:08PM The right to be forgotten
Tuesday May 13, 2014 @01:10PM Russia Retaliates: Blocks GPS, Bans US Use Of Its Rocket Engines
Tuesday May 13, 2014 @01:06PM Price for Nevada dad to see state's school files on his kids: $10G
Tuesday May 13, 2014 @01:01PM H R Giger dead: Alien artist and designer died aged 74
Tuesday May 13, 2014 @12:19PM Thorium: the wonder fuel that wasn't
Monday May 12, 2014 @11:19PM Chinese Government Among The Loudest Voice in Choir Telling XP Users to Try Linu
Monday May 12, 2014 @06:01PM Blockbuster Big Bang Result May Fizzle, Rumor Suggests
Monday May 12, 2014 @04:51PM Nereus Deep Sea Vehicle Lost
Monday May 12, 2014 @12:29PM Is Carbon Fiber Going Mainstream?
Sunday May 11, 2014 @05:55PM Electric Stimulation Could Help You Control Your Dreams
Saturday May 10, 2014 @08:59PM Wyoming Is First State To Reject Science Standards Over Climate Change
Saturday May 10, 2014 @06:31PM Keepod - Can A "7 Dollar USB Stick" Bring Thousands Of Poor People Online?
Friday May 09, 2014 @09:59PM Shunting the FCC To the Slow Lane
Friday May 09, 2014 @02:32PM Feds: Sailor hacked Navy network while aboard nuclear aircraft carrier
Friday May 09, 2014 @01:41PM SpaceX Injunction Dissolved
Friday May 09, 2014 @01:10PM A 32-bit Development System for $3
Friday May 09, 2014 @06:55AM Windows App Store reduces developer share from 70% to 56.1% for some sales.
Thursday May 08, 2014 @04:31PM The Next Unreal Tournament: Totally Free, Developed by Public
Thursday May 08, 2014 @03:29PM Dogs 'Speak Human' Better Than Chimps
Thursday May 08, 2014 @03:29PM Google Announces "Classroom"
Thursday May 08, 2014 @03:28PM Controlling fear by modifying DNA
Thursday May 08, 2014 @03:27PM The Struggle to Ban Killer Robots
Thursday May 08, 2014 @01:35AM The Death of Dark Matter's #1 Competitor
Wednesday May 07, 2014 @07:10PM Ask Slashdot: How Do You Tell A Compelling Story About IT Infrastructure?
Wednesday May 07, 2014 @07:00PM Glow-In-The-Dark Roads Experiencing Issues Already
Wednesday May 07, 2014 @09:41AM GitHub Data Shows Increasing Programming Language Fragmentation
Wednesday May 07, 2014 @09:38AM TLS 1.3 Ready to Drop RSA Key Transport
Tuesday May 06, 2014 @04:49PM Brain Injury Turns Man Into Math Genius
Tuesday May 06, 2014 @10:58AM Rand Paul Starts New Drone War In Congress
Tuesday May 06, 2014 @10:55AM Police Departments Using Car Tracking Database Sworn to Secrecy

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