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Date / TimeStory
Monday June 02, 2014 @01:52AM My Neighbor Totoro In Virtual Reality
Monday October 01, 2012 @07:58AM Illegal Downloading Now a Crime In Japan With Increased Penalties
Tuesday April 10, 2012 @10:13AM Akira's Iconic Motorcycle Races Through Japan
Wednesday March 21, 2012 @12:17PM Yamato, Macross director Noburo Ishiguro passes away.
Wednesday October 12, 2011 @09:54PM Company Unveils Personalized Anime Robot Girl
Wednesday October 12, 2011 @10:27AM Meet Meka's anime robot girl
Wednesday June 22, 2011 @05:05AM Japanese Pop Idol Shocks Fans - She Isnt Real
Saturday February 05, 2011 @07:53AM Piracy Boosts Anime Sales, Says Japanese Government Study
Friday May 14, 2010 @12:25PM Life-size Eva Unit 01 Being Built In Japan
Thursday May 13, 2010 @08:19AM Life-size Eva Unit 01 being built in Japan
Friday April 16, 2010 @09:30AM Porn Virus Blackmails Victims Over "Copyright Violation"
Tuesday February 23, 2010 @07:11PM The Morevna Project: Free and Open Source Anime
Friday February 19, 2010 @09:38AM Toei Animation Thinks Mobiles Could Save Anime
Thursday February 18, 2010 @10:38AM Toei Animation Thinks Mobiles Could Save Anime
Thursday December 31, 2009 @12:20PM Scientists Postulate Extinct Hominid With 150 IQ
Tuesday November 24, 2009 @09:24PM Ubuntu Reaching Out To 16,000 Anime Lovers
Monday November 23, 2009 @08:56PM Can Ubuntu reach over 16,000 anime lovers in April
Monday November 02, 2009 @05:18PM Transpacific Unity Fiber Optic Cable Leaves Japan
Monday October 19, 2009 @11:18AM Astro Boy Director Speaks
Saturday January 17, 2009 @06:31AM Keanu Reeves To Star In Cowboy Bebop
Thursday April 17, 2008 @01:33AM Dreamworks Acquires Rights for Ghost in the Shell
Tuesday February 26, 2008 @12:07PM Google Buys a Piece of a Cable To Japan
Monday November 19, 2007 @05:22AM Comcast Targets Unlicensed Anime Torrenters
Saturday September 22, 2007 @08:41AM Ghost in the Shell, Other Anime Coming to Xbox Live
Tuesday September 11, 2007 @07:43AM Robotech Heading to Big Screen, Starring Toby Maguire
Sunday August 12, 2007 @10:58PM Voltron Headed For The Big Screen
Tuesday February 06, 2007 @10:44PM Robotech is back after 20 years
Friday September 22, 2006 @09:21AM MDN presents 'Manglish - Manga in English'
Monday July 24, 2006 @03:55PM A Day in the Life With a Final Fantasy Creator
Sunday June 18, 2006 @12:22AM Project OpenSky Takes Off
Saturday May 06, 2006 @06:46AM 10 Years of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Friday April 14, 2006 @06:04PM Japanese National Police Investigating Games

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