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+ - OLPC set to dump x86 for Arm chips in XO-2-> 2

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angry tapir
angry tapir writes "One Laptop Per Child is set to dump x86 processors, instead opting to put low-power Arm-based processors in its next-generation XO-2 laptop with the aim of improving battery life. The nonprofit is "almost" committed to putting the Arm-based chip in the next-generation XO-2 laptop, which is due for release in 18 months, according to Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of OLPC. The XO-1 laptop currently ships with Advanced Micro Devices' aging Geode chip, which is based on an x86 design."
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OLPC set to dump x86 for Arm chips in XO-2

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  • In other news, I did a project on a Geode rently. It sucks. Badly.

  • I wish they would have used ARM from the get go. It's not that there aren't low-power x86 chips available, but the support circuitry is what eats up your power budget. Since the ARM platform is licensed to many chip manufactures, there is a lot more development work going on in producing SoC designs, where everything is integrated on one low-powered chip. That is why you can get a week's worth of usage out of many smart-phones and PDAs/Web Tablets.

    Now, with the new Netbooks coming out featuring the new A

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