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+ - Silicon Valley to Get a Cellular Network Just for Things-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "MIT Technology Review reports that French company Sigfox will soon roll out a cellular data network in the San Francisco Bay Area aimed exclusively for low-bandwidth, low power devices such as household appliances and sensors. It's the U.S. debut for a technology already in use in France. The network uses the 900 MHz unlicensed spectrum used by cordless phones. Sigfox says that and their technology's very low bandwidth makes it possible to connect devices significantly more cheaply than with conventional cellular modems and service."
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Silicon Valley to Get a Cellular Network Just for Things

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  • For those in other parts of the world.
    Cell service and high speed internet in Silicon Valley
    could be classified as the worst in the nation vs. education.

    For some silly reason towers are impossible to get approved.
    For obvious reasons the last mile to homes is a locked
    in monopoly.

    I have no idea what this will service beyond "whisper net"
    type Kindle devices or more interestingly NSA/FBI/CHP/DEA/DHS
    tracking devices.

    Time will tell.

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