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+ - Campaign raises funds to send Wikipedia readers to kids without Internet 1

Submitted by Eloquence
Eloquence (144160) writes "Remember the WikiReader? It was pitched as a device that would contain the text of the entire English Wikipedia, and run on two AAA batteries for months. Unfortunately it was sold to the wrong audience, people who already have smartphones, tablets and laptops. At a cost of $20 per device, Aislinn Dewey and Victor Grigas (who works for Wikimedia) are trying to raise funds to buy up the company's inventory and ship WikiReaders to kids in places without Internet connectivity."
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Campaign raises funds to send Wikipedia readers to kids without Internet

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  • I'd probably buy one for myself and maybe a few for friends at that price. I'd expect it to do only what it claimed to do and I could see that being valuable and having an actual real-world use just because of its nature. I'd love to own one, sign me up. Hell, I'll buy five.

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