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+ - Victory for Apple in "the Patent Trial of the Century"-> 2

Submitted by pdabbadabba
pdabbadabba (720526) writes "The jury is in in the epic patent dispute between Apple and Samsung and Apple appears to be coming out on top. The court is still going through the 700+ items on the verdict form, but things seem to be going Apple's way so far. In the case of Apple's various UI patents, the jury is consistently ruling that Samsung not only violated Apple's patent, but did so willfully."
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Victory for Apple in "the Patent Trial of the Century"

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  • by Tackhead (54550) on Friday August 24, 2012 @07:06PM (#41116703)
    Surprised they came to a judgement in less than 22 hours of deliberations. Apparently, the Apple lawyer was so surprised at the speed at which the jury returned the verdict, that he didn't even have time to don a suit, and is in a polo shirt.

    The verdict is still being read and liveblogged here [theverge.com] with a complete (or close to complete) list of devices and patents they've been found to infringe.

    The mainstream press is also picking up [wsj.com] on the story [forbes.com].

    • by Samalie (1016193)

      All I can say is....holy fuck. I was not expecting anything this strongly against Samsung.

      I mean, I always thought that Samsung was infringing one some....but I expected some of Apple against Samsung too. While still ongoing, so far a big resounding No there too.


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