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Wireless Networking

+ - 10 Internet Connections at Same Time-> 4

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As a follow up to the story about Verizon being forced to allow tethering, the engineers at Connectify climbed on the roof and made a video showing an 85Mbps download rate through a combination of a tethered Verizon mobile phone and ALL of the available open Wi-Fi networks. It’s a darn shame that they cancelled the unlimited 3G on the Kindle, tether 20 of those bad boys and you could have had a real Internet connection."
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10 Internet Connections at Same Time

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  • Pretty awesome that it works. Mushroom Networks makes a hardware router with the same functionality, but it's $3,000. []
    • I don't think I've seen any network routers offer this many connections to be aggregated. Even pricy ones like the one above.
  • Very cool way to use all that free Wi-Fi out there!
  • ... especially with all the wireless connections -- I only have the one on Verizon, personally. But it's grandfathered into unlimited (which I'll keep until they drive me to Sprint). But even with that, it would make plenty of sense in a coffee shop or hotel room... probably get a good 2x boost, given the usual free internet speeds.

    Can this improve reliability, I wonder, as well. Last time I was out in Cali, I had free in-room internet, but it was kind of flaky. It would have been cool to set up the 4G phon

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