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+ - The Assault on Los Alamos National Laboratory->

Submitted by Harperdog
Harperdog (1754264) writes "Hugh Gusterson has a great article on troubles at Los Alamos over the last decade. Since the late 1990s, nuclear weapons scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory have faced an unanticipated threat to their work, from politicians and administrators whose reforms and management policies—enacted in the name of national security and efficiency—have substantially undermined the lab’s ability to function as an institution and to superintend the nuclear stockpile. This article is free, although from the home page of the Bulletin it looks like it is behind a paywall. This link takes you right to the page. If for nothing else, gotta love it for this: posted on a blog intended to let employees discuss the problems at the lab and post anonymous tirades against its director.
Director Pete Nanos has said,
If you do science you are a butt-head.
So he stopped all the work,
That moronic jerk!
Now science at LANL is dead,""

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The Assault on Los Alamos National Laboratory

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