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+ - Publishing Banned e-Books in the Arabic World->

Submitted by blackbearnh
blackbearnh (637683) writes "At first glance, publishing e-book versions of banned books in the Arabic-reading world seems like an invitation to jail or worse. But Ramy Habeeb, who runs Kotobaradia, is doing just that. In an article on the state of e-books in Africa and the Middle East, Habeeb talks about the practical considerations involved in uncensored publishing in a very volatile area indeed. Not only does he face potential trouble from governments and religious leaders, but sometimes his own staff can get in the way. "We have these typists who were typing the books from A to Z, and then we have editors who will go in afterwards. It's common for a typist to miss a line or miss two lines, they're going so fast that their eyes just skip it. But this guy actually missed three pages, and when we looked closely at it, it was the three pages talking about the Virgin Mary effigy. And so when we questioned this guy about why these three pages were missing, he very innocently looked up at us and said, 'Oh, because it's not true so why write it?'" The article also talks to Arthur Attwell about how e-books are entering the African market."
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Publishing Banned e-Books in the Arabic World

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