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+ - The Irksome Cellphone Industry->

Submitted by gollum123
gollum123 (810489) writes "David Pogue of the NYTimes wonders why congress is worrying about the exclusive handset contracts when there are more whopping things that are broken, unfair and anticompetitive in the American cellphone industry. ( ) He lists Text messaging fees — Currently 20 cents each to send and recieve a message, Double billing — getting billed for sending and receiving a call, Why companies do not reduce the price of the contract after you have paid off your cell phone among the major problems not being addressed by congress. "Right now, the cell carriers spend about $6 billion a year on advertising. Why doesn't it occur to them that they'd attract a heck of a lot more customers by making them happy instead of miserable? By being less greedy and obnoxious? By doing what every other industry does: try to please customers instead of entrap and bilk them? But no. Apparently, persuading cell carriers to treat their customers decently would take an act of Congress.""
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The Irksome Cellphone Industry

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