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Canonical (Nearly) Halts Development of Ubuntu For Android 55

Posted by timothy
from the go-all-the-way dept.
rjmarvin (3001897) writes "In a since-removed bug report on Launchpad, Ubuntu's issue tracker, Canonical's Matthew Paul Thomas stated that Ubuntu for Android is no longer in active development. In a statement, Canonical stated that while the project is not completely dead, Canonical is currently focusing on pushing Ubuntu for Phones. The company is open to working with partners on Ubuntu for Android, but will not proceed with further U4A development unless they can form a partnership with an OEM partner to launch it. The Ubuntu for Android project was first announced in early 2012."
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Canonical (Nearly) Halts Development of Ubuntu For Android

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  • Re:Why (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 01, 2014 @03:02PM (#46893031)

    I personally LOVE them sending all my personal information to Amazon and anyone else they want from my PC, it can only get BETTER when they know where I live, where I work, what routes I drive, who I contact, when I take a shit.........Maybe they'll release a "send me TP" app with micro transactions! The first square is free, $.99 for the 2nd, 1.99 for the 3rd. It'd be GREAT!

  • by Richy_T (111409) on Thursday May 01, 2014 @03:59PM (#46893687) Homepage

    Microsoft are trying hard to be as evil as Apple and Google but they just don't have in them, poor saps.

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