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Sailfish OS Comes to the Nokia N9 15

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Via El Reg: "The only Meego phone Nokia ever released, the now two-year-old N9, has been given a new lease on life today. Owners can now install the new Meego descendent Sailfish alongside the original OS." There's a guide to installing. It looks pretty experimental, but you don't have to overwrite Meego to install it.
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Sailfish OS Comes to the Nokia N9

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    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 11, 2013 @01:37PM (#45661567)

    i've looked at the install and basically the tricky bit is installing a multi-boot loader. Once you have done that , you simply drop the new OS (eg. Sailfish) in a directory and reboot.

    The key thing is this is Linux, so once it works, it will keep on working. Even when the manufacturer withdraws support... (I'm looking at you Nokia and the Jan 2014 insult posted recently).

    The most exciting thing about Sailfish is the possibility to circumvent the horrible android security. Each application will run in its own sandbox.

      Running a proper Linux phone with Android on-demand is as close to perfect as you can get...

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