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Jolla Confirms MeeGo App Store Is Coming 66

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the another-contestant-enters dept.
DavidGilbert99 writes "Jolla Mobile's MD, Jussi Hurmola has confirmed that its first smartphone will be backed up by an app store at launch later this year — pointing out that a version of Angry Birds is already available on MeeGo. And really, all you need to make an app store successful is Angry Birds, right?" The interview from which the article is sourced has more information on Jolla's general strategy, including their plans to become "a major player."
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Jolla Confirms MeeGo App Store Is Coming

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  • Not Different Enough (Score:4, Interesting)

    by agwadude (666995) on Wednesday July 18, 2012 @11:54AM (#40687685)
    They say they're trying to make something different from iPhone/Android/Windows, but this is disappointingly old and uninnovative thinking:

    "The phone will be a smartphone for mass market. It will not be a tech phone intended for Linux hackers. Consumers are not able to hack the kernel or flash new software for the device."

    They're right to be going straight for mass market (unlike OpenMoko), but why are they considering these mutually exclusive? What's wrong with letting people flash the device if they want to? The best way to get a new and innovative phone would be to make it truly open.

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