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White Space Wireless Broadband Trial In UK Is a Success 39

Posted by samzenpus
from the filling-in-the-spaces dept.
Mark.JUK writes "A major multinational ten month long trial of new 'White Space' technology (IEEE 802.22) in the United Kingdom, which uses the spare radio spectrum that exists between Digital Terrestrial TV (DTV) channels to deliver wireless internet access services over a wide area, has officially completed today and been deemed 'successful.' The technology, if approved, could one day help to bring faster broadband services to both isolated rural and urban areas. The TV White Spaces Consortium, which comprises 17 international and UK technology and media companies (BT, Microsoft, BBC, Alcatel-Lucent etc.), has now recommended that the UK regulator, Ofcom, complete its development of the 'enabling regulatory framework' (i.e. Draft Statutory Instrument) in a 'manner that protects licensees' from 'harmful' interference and encourages innovation and deployment."
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White Space Wireless Broadband Trial In UK Is a Success

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  • whether whitespace broadband will be success. The Emperors are just now arriving at the rookery sites and mating will soon commence. After eggs are transfered to the males and the females go off to feed, expect some early indications July at the earliest to see how many eggs have survived the difficult incubation period. During total whiteout conditions of deep Antarctic winter they will huddle together in the whitespace. If too many eggs have frozen or dropped onto the ice the telecoms may as well hang
  • I remember the power line broadband trials were terribly noisy for ham radio services, I wonder if this is any better.

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