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Microsoft To Shut Down App Store For Windows Mobile 154

Posted by Soulskill
from the if-an-app-store-falls-in-the-forest dept.
angry tapir writes "Microsoft will soon shut down the app store for Windows Mobile, the phone platform it is phasing out. Starting May 9, users of Windows Mobile phones won't be able to browse, buy or download apps to their phones from the Marketplace, Microsoft wrote in a letter to customers. The move doesn't affect users of Microsoft's new mobile OS, who will continue to be served by the Windows Phone Marketplace."
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Microsoft To Shut Down App Store For Windows Mobile

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  • Re:Windows Mobile? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by mws1066 (1057218) on Friday March 09, 2012 @09:59AM (#39300115)
    You can run unsigned code on Android. There's an option you can enable in the settings. Then you can just drop a .apk onto the device via USB, wifi, whatever, and install it manually.
  • by mws1066 (1057218) on Friday March 09, 2012 @10:03AM (#39300153)
    The real question is how successful M$'s next app store/phone offering can possible become. Google and Apple are quite extensively entrenched in the market - Microsoft has its work cut out for it. They are VERY late to the game. I think the only place their phones likely will excel is in corporate settings, becoming kind of the new Blackberries. iPhones aren't corporate enough, Android phones aren't supported enough for corporate cronies to like them, so they COULD possibly fill that particular niche.
  • by poormanjoe (889634) on Friday March 09, 2012 @10:33AM (#39300433)
    I've spent the last 10 years (since being found guilty of monopoly) avoiding the M$ tax, why would I start sending them money now just because "smart phones" are the current business model?
  • A bit off topic (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Gazzonyx (982402) on Friday March 09, 2012 @11:07AM (#39300775)
    A bit off topic, but please stop referring to Microsoft as "M$". It looks really childish and makes people think you're a troll.
  • Re:A bit off topic (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Gazzonyx (982402) on Friday March 09, 2012 @11:23AM (#39300947)
    I run Linux. I'm the president of my local LUG. I have patches in Samba. Just because I think that saying "M$" looks childish doesn't make me a shill.
  • by jrumney (197329) on Friday March 09, 2012 @11:30AM (#39301031) Homepage

    The move doesn't affect users of Microsoft's new mobile OS, who will continue to be served by the Windows Phone Marketplace."


    The move should serve as a warning to customers considering purchasing a Windows Phone 7 phone about future support prospects, with the impending release of Windows 8 based phones.

    Just one more way of many that Microsoft/Nokia have screwed up their marketing message

  • Re:Windows Mobile? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by hairyfeet (841228) <bassbeast1968@gma i l . com> on Friday March 09, 2012 @12:02PM (#39301349) Journal

    Yeah you THINK its funny, but we are about to get a ring side seat for the biggest trainwreck since....hell i can't even think of a trainwreck that big. Its gonna finally put those MS Bob and WinME jokes to rest, let me put it that way. I mean have you TRIED metro? Its a fricking smart phone UI that MSFT expects users to run on a fricking non touch enabled desktop! Even the Yahoo product shill who answers everything with "Buy it now! you should really buy it! Seriously buy it now!" after trying it said ' should probably wait until you have something touch enabled and get it then" which for her is "My eyes! the goggles they do nothing!" and all because every single mobile attempt by MSFT has been a disaster. I mean for the love of God they are gonna have Windows 8 on ARM! You are gonna have a version of Windows that won't actually run Windows programs! Do you have ANY idea how massive the returns on all those "Windows tablets" is gonna be?

    I think this just proves what I've been saying for ages, Ballmer is a shitty CEO that has zero common sense, much less vision, and that the mobile division should have been spun off so they wouldn't be held back by the lumbering PHB dominated desktop division as it would have protected them both from that dreaded buzzword "synergy". I mean his whole damned plan hinges on developers being so damned stupid they'll waste their time developing Metro apps just so they'll have something to sell on the WinARM app store! When we all know that for anything more complex than a fart app you're gonna have to write two versions, one for x86 and one for ARM as those two platforms are as different as night and day when it comes to IPC and memory constraints. And all so Ballmer can go "and with this we'll FINALLY get a big chunk of the pie now owned by Apple and Google and we'll be as sexy and hip as they are! yes we will! We really really will! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!"

    Allow me to end with this heartfelt apology to the Appleites: Remember when we all laughed our asses off when you were stuck with the Pepsi CEO, you know, the one that went from one lame idea to another, with just this big sprawling mess of fail? yeah well..I'm sorry alright? Jokes over, ha ha...its not funny anymore! Hey fairs fair, you got Jobs back, can we have Bill back please? The sweaty monkey has gone crazy!

  • by s73v3r (963317) <> on Friday March 09, 2012 @01:37PM (#39302465)

    Microsoft is forgivable for several reasons

    None of which really make up for the shit they did.

  • by Nyder (754090) on Friday March 09, 2012 @04:38PM (#39305195) Journal

    You know why MS can't break it into the markets that Apple is dominating?

    They have no commitment, no follow thru. None at all.

    Zune? gone. Windows Mobile shit? gone. each generation didn't work with the next, and since they have no problem scrapping things, no one wants to commit.

    MS Kin? Not supported when released.

    MS tablets? they have those? rofl!

    The only thing MS has had any commitment to is their main software. Windows OS and Windows Office. If MS showed the sort of commitment they put to those items in any other market, they might actually do okay.

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