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The Internet Communications Wireless Networking Technology

Low-Cost DIY Cell Network Runs On Solar 77

Posted by timothy
from the seattle-wireless dept.
Shareable writes with word of the intriguing work of a Berkeley professor who has developed a "low-cost, low-power cell base station featuring easy, off-the grid deployment with solar or wind power; local services autonomous from national carriers; and an impressive portfolio of voice & data services (not just GSM). It's designed to connect rural areas in the developing world, but could have wider application like disaster recovery."
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Low-Cost DIY Cell Network Runs On Solar

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  • by ColaMan (37550) on Saturday August 27, 2011 @09:22PM (#37231510) Homepage Journal

    Look outside your tiny world a bit and realise that a large chunk of the world has settled on GSM for their phones.

    A Quad-Band GSM phone would have no trouble connecting to something like this. With regards to licenses - if you're having to install something like this because of disaster recovery, then you can pretty much assume that any administrative level of government has its hands full with other stuff.

    On a related note, there's an open-source GSM stack available, with a real-world island installation that (seems to) work fine - []

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