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Cellphones Software

Smartphones: the New Home of Crapware 308

Posted by Soulskill
from the time-to-flush-your-system dept.
Barence writes "Smartphones are replacing PCs as the new breeding ground for pre-installed crapware, argues Mike Jennings. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro, for example, comes pre-loaded with McAfee security software and other associated apps, four different app stores, and a selection of games and other media management tools. 'And it's not like you can just get rid of this software, either — most of it's there to stay, with hard-coded blocks in place to ensure you don't uninstall any of the tat you don't want,' he adds."
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Smartphones: the New Home of Crapware

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  • by mjwx (966435) on Wednesday August 24, 2011 @02:17AM (#37188162)

    Funny, I'd rather spend my time using a computer than configuring it

    I'd rather be using my computer then fighting it because I have a need it's designer didn't envisage.

    I'd never use a basic image manipulation program like Paint after all.

    My 4 years of supporting Mac's in an enterprise taught me that Mac's have a very, very limited feature set and if you want it do anything different you're in for a world of pain that makes compiling the most obstinate Linux distro from scratch feel like a holiday.

    BTW, Installed LinuxMint last night, most pain free install I've ever had and everything I need works out of the box. No compiling needed.

    paying about the same for the privileged.

    Keep telling yourself that, you're only fooling yourself. Macbook 13" [bhphotovideo.com] = US$1129 - Old Core 2 Duo CPU, old Nvidia 3 series, only 2 GB RAM.
    Asus U31SD [bhphotovideo.com] = US$725 - 2nd Gen i3, new Nvidia 5 series/hybrid Intel IGM, 4 GB RAM.

    Even if I buy a 128 GB SSD [bhphotovideo.com], The current gen Asus it's still $200 cheaper then the old tech Mac. The price for a Macbook gets 50% worse if I try to buy one locally (in Australia) but the Asus only goes up by 10-15%.

    No doubt you have all kinds of wonderful excuses (your cognitive dissonance wont let you accept Mac's are nearly twice the price as other PC's) but provide links or I'll just repeat myself.