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Microsoft Releases Mobile Data Collection Source Code 69

Posted by timothy
from the but-the-secret-room-isn't-in-the-blueprints dept.
mikejuk writes "To avoid the problems that Google and Apple have had with collecting WiFi data and privacy issues Microsoft has just released [some of] the source code used in its mobile data collection system. The code shows how the phones that it drives around don't collect any personal data — just WiFi and cell tower identification so that they can be used in geolocation. The source code is a great educational resouce but as to proving that Microsoft is doing the right thing it just doesn't work. First off, it isn't complete. Second, who is to say that it is the code used in the phones? That's the point of software — it's easy to change. Now if only we can provoke them to release large chunks of Windows or Windows Phone 7...."
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Microsoft Releases Mobile Data Collection Source Code

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  • by gabebear (251933) on Thursday July 07, 2011 @06:02PM (#36688346) Homepage Journal
    It's very likely Microsoft will never release anything that will satiate people who understand licenses and value freedom. Microsoft likes you to sign crazy NDAs for access to specs and source and ties their own developers and evangelists hands. I was at a WP7 presentation a month ago given by MS's WP7 evangelist for my region. He couldn't hook the WP7 phone he had to the projector like he normally does because Microsoft's legal department took away the cable he had been using for presentations...

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