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Nokia Ovi Store Launches 64

Posted by Soulskill
from the we-can-use-three-letter-names-too dept.
Kensai7 writes "The much-awaited Nokia Ovi Store opened for business yesterday. By following a business model similar to that of successful rival Apple for the iPhone, Nokia is trying to provide developers and customers a vast portfolio of Symbian OS applications, games, widgets, etc. TechCrunch took a look at some of the more interesting applications available at the start, but was disappointed by the launch itself. The Ovi Store team acknowledged some difficulties due to high levels of traffic."
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Nokia Ovi Store Launches

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  • Nokia vs Apple (Score:5, Insightful)

    by mrops (927562) on Wednesday May 27, 2009 @11:16AM (#28110039)

    Before I criticize the iPhone, let me say, it is an excellent web browsing device and adequate for phone calls.

    Now the criticism.

    As a communication device, iPhone really sucks.

    Phone calls: check
    Video calls: check
    Share pictures online: check
    Share live video feeds to website right from phone (Qik): check
    Send/Receive/Forward MMS: check/check/check
    Send/Receive/Forward SMS: check/check/check
    Load videos to youtube: check
    Many chat applications: check
    Webbrowsing: check

    Phone calls: check
    Video calls: not supported
    Share pictures online: not supported
    Share live video feeds to website right from phone: not supported
    Send/Receive/Forward MMS: not supported/not supported/not supported
    Send/Receive/Forward SMS: check/check/not supported
    Load videos to youtube: not supported
    Many chat applications: only on jail broken iPhones
    Webbrowsing: check

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